Colonial Virginia

Hello all! Yes I still live, this post has been in my thoughts for forever! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these photos I took. My school went to a trip to Virginia, we visited Jeffersons house in Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, and even Yorktown! It was so much fun although very hot.

Monticello was a very interesting place, they have a amazing set up and were so kind and helpful to my group!

Williamsburg was so beautiful! We got to go on a VERYYYY long tour and then got to explore the little town they have their and eat at The Cheese Shop. The tour guides were super kind and the people dressed up as characters from Williamsburg really helped pull it up together.


I absolutely loved this part of the trip! Not only did we just get to ride around, but we got to see dolphins too! The “cruise” lasted two hours and when it ended we all got pizza.

The USS Wisconsin was beautiful but going down inside the boat I panicked a bit as I really don’t like tight places. So don’t worry guys I’m not joining the Navy anytime soon!

And that was our trip! Overall it was fun and I really suggest your family go visit too!

The Importance of Online Safety

Hello all! Recently I’ve noticed more and more of my friends (blogging and in my life) have shared information online that may give away a little too much about their location, their family, and their own personal lives.

I know from personal experience as I used to talk to people online and I’m pretty sure at least 80% of them were not real or wanted something from me. I shared personal information with them and now I’m paying for it. Please don’t get caught in something like that!

I don’t want to preach but I also don’t want any of my friends or family jeopardized!

  • Do any of your pictures have your address in it?
  • Do you have any birthdates listed that aren’t yours? (a hacker can easily get your info with just a birthdate)
  • Do your pictures include anyone who wouldn’t want to be in them?
  • Are you telling people where your vacationing WHILE you vacation?
  • When someone asks where you live in the comments are you telling them?
  • If your going to a particular college do you NEED to tell them where?

Guys we NEED to be careful! Don’t let someone get your personal information! If something looks weird then it probably is! Don’t be afraid to speak out about it, don’t be afraid to block them, but most importantly DON’T hide anything from your family!

If you need to talk to someone about your experience or things your concerned about contact me through my contact page! I’m here for ya’ll!

Prom 2021

Hello all! So for the first time ever, I went to prom. Now let me say I had some mixed feelings going into it. I don’t like parties AT ALL, but at the same time there was something kinda exciting about going.

The day I had prom I also had a competition in the morning about 2 hours from where I live, it was super exhausting and I fell asleep on the way home. When I got to my house a friend came over and helped do makeup and hair. Thanks A! Here are some pictures from that night!

Yes this last picture is weird but my school took pictures beside a lake and this reflection is so cool!

So yes my prom experience wasn’t the best but that’s okay! I learned that it doesn’t have to be all about your fun, because when I looked around so many people were having a blast!

What was your prom like? Lets chat in the comments!

Bus Update #1

Hello all! I’m excited to announce that I have officially started on my bus!

April 25, 2021: “The Jar”. Basically I glued the lid on and cut a hole on the top so I wouldn’t open it. And every time I got paid 75% of the money would go in there. It was soooo difficult and there were tons of times I tried to open it. Thankfully after 2 months of saving I was able to save up $365.58 all of which is going towards the bus.

Next up April 26, 2021: Installing two new batteries. We went to the Battery Outlet and the owner Robert gave me an amazing deal. I was able to buy two batteries for a total of $211.89. We installed them, and now the bus starts up beautifully! It’s so nice to be able to start it up without having to jumpstart it. The old batteries were from 2013 and were starting to swell so changing them out really helped.

April 26, 2021: I went to Lowes and with a lot of help I figured out what kind of grinders I needed. I also got gray Rust-Oleum primer paint to cover the cuts we make in the floor (no one will see the paint when it’s done so the color didn’t matter). Total at Lowes: $82.12.

Cutting the seats out has been pretty simple given the fact I haven’t touched the grinder. My dad and boyfriend have been very kind in doing that for me whilst I take out a billion bolts. It’s very time consuming but once the seats are out we can actually get to work more!

Along with taking seats out I’ve also been trying to sell as many as I can. So far I have 5 seats spoken for. I originally wanted to sell each seat for $20 to help offset the price of building but not many people want bus seats (surprise surprise). I have a women buying 3 for $50, a guy buying 1 for $20, and a friend wants to trade for one.

I currently have them listed on Facebook marketplace and eBay please be in prayer that I can get as many sold as I can!

Lastly I need your help…I’m starting a separate blog focused on just my bus so that I can list sponsors there and such. The problem is I don’t know what to name it! So comment your suggestions!

See you all soon ❤

With God Anything is Possible

Hello all! Something I know each and everyone of us (unless your one of the lucky few) has struggled with acne. I think what the worst part is about it though is that it always starts at the most awkward part of your life.

Mine started when I was 11 I believe. It mostly stayed on my forehead which was fine as I could cover it with my hair. Then it slowly crept down my face and onto my shoulders, chest, and back. It was SO embarrassing. I always thought people would think I never showered or didn’t wash my face but that is so untrue. My mom would take me to the dermatologist and they’d prescribe medicine that just wouldn’t work. Maybe it slowed it for a bit but not enough to actually help.

We kept moving up and up to the strongest medicine that could fix acne and then I was prescribed Accutane. Probably known as one of the most invasive acne medicines there are and one that can cause serious side effects if you’re not careful. I’m not gonna lie guys I had totally mixed feelings…I didn’t want to take the medicine but I also wanted to get rid of the fact I looked like I didn’t shower.

I started Accutane the first week of November, it really didn’t show me any new results…but I also noticed I wasn’t breaking out as much anymore. Then January hit and my skin was as dry as it could be, blots of dry areas were everywhere on my arms that it was almost to itchy to wear a coat.

But then February…I took a minute to look in the mirror and I saw it, my acne was actually going away!! Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I get it, that I understand what it feels like to go through the pain of feeling gross. I want you to get up and look in the mirror, because YOU were made in the image of God and are perfect. Don’t let those thoughts tell you otherwise! I also want to encourage you, when something could be helpful and beneficial to you don’t reject it immediately. Instead sit down and pray because “With God ANYTHING is possible.”

Here’s just a quick look at how much it’s helped….

So yes it isn’t all cleared up but it’s so much better! I’m so thankfully for God and for the wisdom he gave men and women in the medical field!

See you all soon ❤

*Note: I’m not promoting Accutane, I’m just saying what worked for me! Please don’t think you need to use this medicine unless your doctor recommends it*

Welcome back!

Yes, it’s me! The girl who randomly posts throughout the month! Life seems to never slow down and has been insane recently. Thankfully with the school year drawing to a close I will be able to start blogging more. Here are just a few random photos I’ve taken…

The thoughts of a doggy….

I was going to post a song I sang for a competition here but for a few reasons I can’t, if you’d like to hear it please contact me and let me know!

See you all soon! ❤

Past & Present (no I don’t mean the gift)

I’ve been talking to my grandma recently, so far we have 20 emails sent back and forth throughout this past month. It doesn’t sound like many but if you knew my track record for getting back to people on time you’d understand…it’s not that I don’t read the emails but I usually forget to respond. Anywayyyys my grandma reminded me of something.

Those foreign pictures are what some would refer to as dance halls. My generation doesn’t have things like that (I wish we still did), or if they do it cost a lot and you have to deal with the music that either blasts your ears off or the words in them are so nasty you can’t stand it.

Soda fountains! Not the one’s that have a billion kinds of liquor but the kind that kids go hang out after school and get ice cream and soda and just talk or do whatever. Why did these have to disappear? What was so unpopular about them that they had to close?

One more thing I miss like truly miss and don’t understand why things have to change it:

People? No I’m an introvert so I don’t mind not being around people but if you look closely you’ll see…

Their eyebrows? No!

Their hair? No!

Their smiling faces? Yes! I miss seeing the emotions people have on their faces. I miss the interaction you used to have and now we have to avoid people. I miss life before all the craziness happened. I just want to go back to when I was 5 and I had no worries other than if mom was making cookies that day. But does that mean I have to live in the past? No. Life is so precious so don’t feel wish upon things you can’t change. Instead choice today what your attitude will be. Live in the present and bring joy to those your around.

See you guys soon! ❤

Cute Photoshoot Time!!

Hello all! I know my blog name is Photos by Abby Rose soooo I thought I would for once post photos! Today is just a cute photoshoot of a dog I watch sometimes. Her name is Maggie and she’s absolutely adorable and so much fun to hang out with!

Hope you enjoyed the cuteness and I plan to do more photo blog posts in the future!!

Have an amazing day everyone ❤

A Choice

Our attitude towards everything is what motivates us in everyday situations. However, we also have a choice of how to present our attitude. You will often find yourself groaning out of bed, stumbling to the bathroom, and criticizing yourself in the mirror. You get to school or work, and you immediately start judging the people who are there but “smiling” anyways and asking how they are doing. We want to accomplish our tasks and get on with our day. We ask questions even when we do not really care about the actual person. 

Questions are essential but why we ask the question is even more important. If we know someone is having a bad day, we should not quickly ask them something when we do not truly care. The same applies to when we are given a job. Many times we do not really care enough to think things through. Instead, we ask many useless questions that hinder the job from getting done quickly and efficiently. There is a story about a man named Rowan, “McKinley gave Rowan a letter to be delivered to Garcia; Rowan took the letter and did not ask, ‘Where is he at?'” Rowan isn’t the sort of man who asks others how he should go about his tasks. He isn’t someone who seeks answers from others about things that he can determine himself. 

Rowan’s attitude towards being asked to deliver the letter was remarkable. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll. Rowan could have reacted horrendously. He could have asked hundreds of questions. Where? Why? When? However, instead, he took the letter, sealed it up in an oilskin pouch, strapped it over his heart, and proceeded to deliver the message to Garcia. 

Don’t you wish that we could react the same way Rowan did? When our parents ask us to do something, we always respond with “why?”. We never say right away yes, mom, I would be glad to. Instead, we respond with a question. Why do we ask questions? Some people ask questions because they are afraid that they are getting the answers wrong, so they want your opinion. People also tend to ask questions they already know because they typically do not want the responsibility of knowing the answer. 

When we walk into a room, we tend to want to run to the closest person we know. We often want to shrink into a ball and not talk much (or at least this is from personal experience). I do not particularly appreciate having to talk to people sometimes; it is hard to think of things. You can only get so far with “how are you?” and our attitude towards the conversation really shows the person if we care or not. Recently I was talking to a woman from our church, and she REALLY likes to talk like really. Instead of listening, though, I found my attitude growing annoyed at her, and all I really wanted to do was get up and leave the conversation. Then I remembered Charles Swindoll’s quote. “The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.” I sadly then realized that I was a jerk in the conversation. I was not making her feel listened to. Instead, I showed her the typical stereotype of a teenager…arrogant, impatient, unfocused, and totally not encouraging.

“We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” – Charles Swindoll. Our attitude is our responsibility. Our attitude is our problem and ours alone. I find myself judging people and how they react around me and how dumb and stupid their questions are, but then I look at myself. I reevaluate my thoughts and actions, and I see that every day I ask the same ridiculous things and bother those in charge with random meaningless questions that I could figure out myself. 

Instead, I challenge myself now when I am in a conversation with my friends and family and people I may not get along with. I look them in the eyes, and I pay attention to their ideas. I allow them to talk, and even though sometimes I find myself getting bored and not paying attention, I try to remember that they want to be heard too, and that is one of the only gifts I will ever give them.

Have a great day everyone!

Sometimes You Just Need To Have A Dust Fight!

Welcome back everyone! Todays just a fun post to show you what I did at my school recently! It was super fun and the teacher was a blast to work with.

Most of that was done on the first day (Thursday), but we sanded and smoothed it down (Friday). We also had a drywall dust “fight” basically covered out hands in dust and covered each other in handprints. Next up is electricity and soldering aka melt things! I wasn’t able to take many pictures sadly.

This was absolutely so much fun and I wish my school did this all the time instead of once a year!

See you soon ❤