Liebster Award!


Hi guys! I was awarded the Liebster Award for the first time by Rosy!!!! Thanks so much, Rosy! I’m super excited!!! Let’s get started:


Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award.

Answer 11 questions that the blogger gave you.

Give 11 random thoughts about yourself.

Nominate 11 other bloggers and notify them of their nominations.

Ask your nominees 11 questions.


 Chocolate. Dark, milk or white? Definitely milk chocolate! 
 What color are your eyes? They are called Hazel but I prefer to tell them that my eyes   change colors depending on what I’m wearing!
 What’s your favorite book of the Bible? I really enjoy Pslam and Proverbs (everyone   must say that…)                                                                                                                       Favorite flavor of ice cream? Cookies and Cream
 What are you wearing right now? Jeans and a t-shirt
 What foods do you dislike? Anything with squash, olives, and a lot of ginger or   cinnamon…gross
 Can you juggle? Two socks yes (hehe)
 Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 What was the last thing you ate? Venison Jerky
 Favorite instrument? Piano
 Favorite reptile? The one that is farthest away from me!
 Favorite natural disaster? Snowstorms!! 

11 random thoughts about myself:

I love fuzzy things (aka blankets)

I can do sign language (just the alphabet)

I hate odd numbers (aka who made up this to be 11 random facts???)

I LoVe reading

I like cats because they’re so fuzzy

I LOVE dogs!

I like building things 

I enjoy singing

I love snow when we’re not going anywhere

I’m terrible at Monopoly

I’m bad at random facts about myself

And I nominate:

Lydia’s Blog 

Allison’s Well

Clara & Co.

Crazy A

A Southern Belle with Stories to Tell

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Annie Writes 

The poet under the sidewalk

Gone in a dream



My questions for you:

Favorite Animal?

Hair color?

Fall, winter, spring or summer?

Favorite book?

Snow or rain?

Favorite Bible verse?

Favorite Summer activity?

What’s your favorite board game? 

Favorite thing to blog about?

Favorite Instrument? 

Fuzzy blankets or fuzzy pillows?

It’s sooooo difficult to think of 11 questions! Have fun everyone!!! And thanks again Rosy!!!



New Domain!

Hi guys! I don’t know about you but I was having weird traffic on my blog! So I thought about it and eventually decided I should get a domain of my own! So if anyone writes in it will reroute them to!!!!! I’m super excited and I’m praying that it will keep all those spam comments away!!! So no worries about trying to type in the new address the old one will reroute to the new address!! YAY!!!!

And I want to just remind you guys to stay strong and trust in him!! 


Another fun Guest Interview!

Hello and welcome back!! I honestly couldn’t resist posting again today! So please be patient with me!

So a friend of my family agreed to do an interview! Honestly, he wasn’t too keen on doing this interview but I eventually won him over! So…let’s get started! Questions of mine are in bold!

Hello! Welcome to Photos by Abby Rose please tell us a little about yourself!

Well, I’m a book lover and I enjoy spending time with my select group of friends…a group of friends you’re definitely not part of!

Um, thanks… So do you enjoy spending time outside?

No…I hate all kinds of weather I’d rather sit inside and read.

Okay… what kind of books do you enjoy reading?

Books that don’t have happy or romantic endings. I like that depressed feeling when the main character dies in the end.

Yikes! Do you have a favorite animal?

I think little mice are cute.

So do you have a favorite movie/song?

I like Gettysburg and I don’t like music

That is a really interesting movie! Hair and eye color?

Red/orange hair and green eyes

Do you have a favorite game?

“Mousetrap” because of the sad ending it usually has

Red hair? How fun! Well, I’m kinda running out of things to ask so this will be the last question! Are you a day person or a night person?

Definitely night…I enjoy waking people up


Okay, so that interview didn’t go as expected…so this interview was to just get to know others around you and you can go check more about him here: 

Sorry, the post didn’t go as…expected…so hopefully the next interview I will have will be more interesting and exciting!

If anyone would like to do a blog interview here! I’d love to know!!! Let me know in my contacts page or comments below!!!

Artwork Showcase!

Hi guys! Note before I start this blog post: My new blog posting schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes Sunday. Don’t worry I’ll probably change this schedule in about four days…hehe!

Okay, let’s get started! So a friend of mine and I got together and want to share some of her awesome work! My questions are in bold!



Me: Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for allowing me to talk and share your drawings! Tell us a bit about yourself! Her: My name is Natalie (surprise surprise) and my favorite color is pink! My favorite thing to draw is people, especially eyes. I like to draw because the outcome of my art always surprises me and I like to glorify God through it. One thing I CAN’T draw is horses. 

Me: Pink is such a fun color! What’s one fun fact about yourself? Her: I‘m left-handed; apparently, a lot of artists are!

Me: Well, that explains why I can’t draw anything! What’s your favorite kind of art? Her: My favorite art medium to use is soft pastels; they’re kinda like chalk and I use my fingers to smear them into what I want. I also like just plain pencils.

Me: Okay, so now are some of her fun AMAZING drawings!


So the pencil one is just a pencil and paper…..nothing exciting! It’s done with a pencil.
The one of the girl is with soft pastels, my favorite art medium!
FullSizeRender (1)
There’s a pencil one of a girl…no one specific. 
A bunny, soft pastels
This is a soft pastel lion that I showed for student ministry night at my youth group. I like to think as God as a lion, so that’s why I did it. 
This is just a soft pastel sunflower/quote thingy
This person was meant to be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Done with pencil
This one is a castle and is a form of art called zen tangle, I think. Just doodles and flowers, done with a pencil. (They take forever!!)
This one is a dancer and is another form of art called zen tangle, I think.
 These are just lots of different eyes! (Done with pencil) I really like drawing eyes!
These are the soft pastels I use. They’re kinda like chalk. I smudge them on the paper and use my fingers. 


Me again: Okay, that’s all the drawings I have so far! Hopefully, we can see more of Natalie’s work soon!


Still me: A little about how I met Natalie! This past year (2018) I met Natalie in an acting camp. We were paired up in Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” she was Actor 1 and I was Actor 2 (I think). She was such a fun actor and I enjoyed spending time acting with her…even if she carried the lighter person off stage while I got the heavy one hehe! She was so fun to act with and I had so much fun getting to know her!  Thanks for letting me do this fun post with you, Natalie!!


Hehe and still me: My favorite drawing was definitely the castle! I loved the detail! Which was your favorite drawing? Comment down below and let me know!


-all art is owned by Photos by Abby Rose and N.W. if you want to share any of them please contact me and ask permission…as it’s important to us that we know where her art is going. Thanks!







     Prayer is a powerful thing. It changes the world…one small request can change hundreds, thousands, and millions.  But why should we pray? Is it cause everyone else does it or because our parents tell us to? The Bible says that whatever we ask of Him, He will answer.

    But that doesn’t mean he always answers in the ways he wants. God answers in His own timing and in His own ways. We might never understand it…but why should we? God gave us the ability to pray and act. We can’t just pray and think that God will take care of everything. We must live our prayers we must show that we believe God is there even when He doesn’t answer how we think He should. 

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

   He loves us every time we sin and He forgives us…don’t you think we could at least love and pray and believe even when we want to scream at Him for not “doing” what you ask? 

   He’s our savior!!!! Just to remind you the definition of savior is: A person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure. A person who saves someone or something…Jesus died for you. He went through so much pain and we can’t even just say sorry to our siblings when they mess up. You know God hates hate! He hates it when we yell at our parents or tell our siblings to shut up! God hates sin! 

   Sin definition: An immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. “A sin in the eyes of God”. 

   “A sin in the eyes of God”, what does God say the definition of sin is?

Mark 7: 20-23 And he said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles him. For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within, and they defile a person.”

    Sin is any evil thought we have, and did you know that evil can be what you say or think about your sibling or parents? 

     The point of my post is to remind myself and anyone else that God loves us even when we’re dumb and mess up. So why don’t we take that extra 5 minutes and tell God what we love about Him and thank Him for the gift of prayer and the effect it has.

Prayer is super powerful and it doesn’t just have to happen when we need something.


Oh Love Divine – Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team

20 Questions Book Tag

Hey guys! So Ani’s Books nominated me for the 20 question book tag! Thanks, Ani! But before I get started with the tag I just wanted to let you know that the Live Without You giveaway is still going on it ends February 23…there was a typo with the info about it! Sorry!! 

Okay so let’s get started with the tag!

Thank the person who nominated you.
Tag your post with #awesomebloggeraward.
Answer the questions you were asked.
Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nominations.
Give them 10 new questions to answer.

How many books do you think are too many books in a book series?

I think it depends on the writer! Some writers can really handle book series…other writers I want to scream…….why do people write sequels?????

How do you feel about cliffhangers?

Cliffhangers are awesome IF I have the next part sitting right beside me. Once I was so excited about this cliffhanger and I thought I had book 2, it turns out I had book 3 ‘cries’!!

Hardback or paperback?

Hardback!!! I love the smell new books have and the sound they have when they open!

Favorite book?

Half-Blood – Jaye L. Knight

Least favorite book?

I can’t really think of one but I’d say Soldier On by Vanessa Rasanen

Love triangles, yes or no?

I guess it depends on how the writer handles them!

The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

K-9 Korea – the untold story of America’s war dogs in the Korean War by J. Rachel Reed (honestly it just was hard to focus on reading it)! 

A book you’re currently reading?

My family just finished reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell 

Last book you recommended to someone?

The Ilyon Series 

Oldest book you’ve read?

The Bible (sorry I stole your answer Ani)

Newest book you’ve read?

I have absolutely no idea!

Favorite author?

Either Richard Paul Evans or Jaye L. Knight

Buying books or borrowing books?

Buying books!

A book you dislike that everyone else seems to love?

Not that I’ve read

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Neither…I try to memorize the page number I stopped at

A book you can always re-read?

hmm I’d have to say any of the Ilyon series!

Can you read while hearing music?

Yes…I try to turn the music up really loud so I don’t hear the noise around me

One POV or multiple POVs?

Multiple…though I hate when there’s so many characters that I get confused!

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

In one sitting definitely 


That was so much fun! Thanks again, Ani! And I nominate………..

Ryana Lynn Miller from Life of Heritage 

Clay in His Hands

Rosy from Rosy’s Writings




My questions:

Favorite book?

Favorite author?

Favorite character (and a little about them)?

Your least favorite book?

Who is your least favorite author? 

Can you read while listening to music?

Hardbacks or paperbacks?

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

A book you can always re-read?

(Sorry I stole a few of the other questions and I wasn’t sure how many questions to do)!

Let me know if you guys can do it!


The Interesting Advice of a Few Friends

Hi guys! So my sister and I are doing this writing curriculum and one of the projects was to write a story…about the advice of people around you.

Some people’s advice is REALLY good! Other’s not so much! So enjoy this little short story and let me know what you think! (also, sorry about the messed up posting schedule…I’ll be starting afresh next week)!     


   A young successful carpenter was on his way to a new house project. He called his 3 friends who also built houses and asked them for advice. The first friend told him to pour plastic instead of concrete…as concrete was overrated. Taking the advice of his friend he called in and had the plastic company pour the plastic.

   The young man remembered the advice of his second friend and installed the roof before putting up the walls because apparently, that was what everyone was doing! The man cleverly built the roof and propped it up with a few screwdrivers.

   Absentmindedly the man remembered what his third friend said, “don’t waste time putting the electricity and plumbing in separately, just do them at the same time”. Stupidly the man followed his advice and BOOM! 


Moral of the story: “Don’t trust everyone’s advice.”