Some recent photos I wanted to share!!!!!!!!

​Hi again! 
So today I’m sharing with you all some pictures I took recently….some more recent than others, to be honest. 

Anyways let’s begin!

The top ones are our outside cats Rascal (orange cat)  and Cuddles (brownish gray). Who is half Maine coon, which means they have the cutest big feet through the rest of them is tiny! Soooo cute! The rest of the pictures are just thrown together mixed up photos enjoy!

​I have to tell you guys about something our cat Rascal did. A few days ago my older sister was drinking coffee and talking to my mom by the window. She looked out and noticed deer in our garden. She also saw Rascal watching them. One of the younger deer’s went up to Rascal and sniffed him. Rascal not exactly pleased about this hit the deer on the nose with his front paw. Which frighted them all and off they went to find another place to eat without cats.

Fortunately, my sister had time to grab my camera and take a few pictures!!! 

Sorry about the quality of the photos it was from far away and taken through our window…

Thanks so much for stopping by!
​See you soon!

Who doesn’t like Pizza????!!!!

 Who doesn’t like pizza???? If you don’t like it well stop reading and go jump in a lake because from now on you must like pizza to read any of my posts!

A week ago I made two pizzas (they turned out soooo well!)

First I got all my ingredients together: cheese, sauce, bell peppers, pepperoni, and ready to bake garlic & herb pizza crusts.

I rolled my dough out and put sauce, cheese, and peppers on.
With the second pizza I repeated the same process but did half cheese half pepperoni!
I put both of the pizzas in the oven at 425* degrees and set the timer for 15 minutes.

So after 15 minutes or so I took both of them out and checked the bottom of the crust to make sure it was a golden color. I let both rest for 5 minutes to cool down a bit and then supper time! The pizzas turned out well, and the crust was delicious with the herbs in it. You can use whatever kind of crust you like!!

Also, I’m sorry about not posting anything this past week. My family went on a trip to Indiana and on the way back we (my sisters and I) went swimming in a lake. Yeah, it was 60 degrees out and probably not the best idea, but it was a beautiful and fun family memory (even if it was a 1/2 mile walk with no shoes and wet clothes back to the camper)!

See you all soon!

Hello September – Blog Tag

~Please copy the questions below, answer them, and then write out your new questions (or you can even copy these) for the people you nominate below your answered questions.
~Please nominate at least three bloggers, but try to avoid ones that you know have already been tagged.
~Lastly, include these guidelines in your post, and use the tag picture!

Questions from Laura (questions are in bold)

Favorite Fall Drink ?- (Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Tea)

Hot Cocoa WITH marshmallows is soooo yummy!!!

Favorite Fall Outfit ?- (Briefly Describe)

Jeans and whatever sweater I have at hand (don’t judge me)!

Favorite Fall Activity?

Curled up with a warm blanket reading an exciting book!

What are some of the Fall Traditions you or your family participate in? 

ummm does doing firewood count as a tradition?

Does your family decorate for fall? – (Decorations can be as simple as a wreath) 🙂

​We usually put a fall wreath on the door and my sisters like lighting candles (I don’t really like artificial smells)

Books you’re planning to read this fall/winter?

So I don’t have any books picked out though I want to read at least a million books by Christmas (is that possible?)

Do you participate in any fall festivals?

Our church has a Reformation Festival (which is fantastic)

​Do you like warm fuzzy socks?

I LOVE warm fuzzy socks!!!!!! They are so like um warm! (though someone is ALWAYS stealing them)

What are some fallish type foods you make during this time of year?

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, warm cider (okay it isn’t food but who cares), 

Does anyone in your family have fall birthdays? – (Note: Don’t have to use actual names. Just – uncle, aunt, two sisters…etc…)

I love this question, Laura!  Okay so my older sister has a birthday;), my dad, my cousin, both of my grandpa’s, and my uncle (not sure if I got them all)

Thanks so much, Laura for tagging me! 

Now for the people I’m going to Nominate!!! 
Ryana @ Life of Heritage 
​Liberty @ Gone in a Dream
Julia @ Lit Aflame


Now my 11 questions for you Nominees!

Favorite Fall food?
Favorite thing about Fall weather?
Do you like doughnuts (what kinds)?
Favorite things to do outside?
Favorite color of Fall leaves do you like best?
What are some Fall traditions you or your family participate in?
Do you like any kind of soup in autumn? What’s one of your favorites?
Favorite kind of candle?
Windy or rainy autumn?
Tea or coffee?
If you could go to one state in the U.S.A. just for the autumn scenery, where would you go?

Now go out and Nominate 3 people!! Have fun!!!!!


All Photography

Some fun pictures I took recently!!

Welcome back! So today I went through some more pictures I took recently and wanted to share them with you! 

I hope you guys enjoyed some of them! Was there one that you really liked? Leave a comment and tell me!
Oh by the way here is a small quote for you guys!


Only put off until tomorrow what
you are willing to die having left

Note: I did not write this quote 

I’ll see you guys soon!

The story about Chloe

Munch, munch, munch. Chloe sat there eating her yummy green grass, enjoying the fresh air and waiting for Nutmeg (her best friend) to wake up.  Lifting her long black ears up she heard a thump, how odd….well maybe it was just Spot’s (the cute boy next door).
​Munch, munch, munch. Chloe continued her eating when suddenly a long brown fuzzy thing wiggled through a hole. It was Mr. Weasel!!! Chloe quickly hopped to wake up Nutmeg all the while watching Mr. Weasel to see what he would do. Squealing with fear Nutmeg dove behind Chloe. Chloe willing to be brave for poor Nutmeg tried to bite Mr. Weasel but instead, he bit her in the head. Both Nutmeg and Chloe were squealing and screaming as loud as they could fearing the worst would happen.
Their home went from peace and quiet to fear and chaos. Spots not able to help ran helplessly on his side of the pen praying for the little girl who usually fed them to come and save them. Suddenly out of nowhere their roof opened up and they saw the face of the man who helped build their home. Mr. Weasel saw the man and let go of Chloe and tried to run but the man shot at Mr. Weasel….but unfortunately, evil Mr. Weasel got away lurking nearby hoping to get another chance.
But the man picked up Chloe and took her away….that was the last time Nutmeg saw her best friend. 


A few days later a family came and picked up Nutmeg taking her away forever. Spots sat quietly not even hungry to sad to eat. He missed his friends he prayed that Nutmeg would have a beautiful home and would be well taken care of.  About a month later that little girl came back bringing a small box with her. Spots wondered what it was. Then the little girl opened the box and out popped Chloe’s head! Looking at Spot’s she smiled at him!
She had come back!! She was okay!!!!! Spot’s ran around in excitement as Chloe was set inside her side of the pen. 
Where was Nutmeg?? She missed her best friend and wanted her back so they could play like they used to.  The little girl closed their roof and walked away, and Chloe turned to Spots and asked where her best friend was? She cried when she heard Nutmeg was gone. What was she going to do? Who was she going to share her secrets and fears with? Definitely not Spots!!! That was out of the question!  Chloe nibbled on a piece of grass and then closed her eyes to take a nap…..


A few weeks later the little girl’s older sister came and took Spots and put him in a box. Chloe wanted to know where he was going and if she was going to. So she waited. And waited. And waited. But no one came. Where was Spots?????  She ran around in circles trying to find a way out….ouch! She hit her head against something hard and pointy. Not really caring about the pain, she cried out looking for Spots. She was scared, she didn’t like being alone. What if Mr. Weasel came back? Who would protect her????  
A few days later Chloe woke up alone, scared, and in A LOT of pain! Ouch!! Her head hurt a lot! What was wrong????!!!!! She couldn’t move her head! She tried to run but the pain was too much, and she had to close her eyes and stay still because of the pain.

Chloe never did remember what happened to her that first couple of days. All she remembers is how much it hurt to move.

Joy (Chloe’s little owner) found Chloe huddled in a corner shaking and cold.  Joy picked her up and took her to the house where Dad bandaged poor Chloe’s head. The humans then sat down and waited to see if Little Chloe would pull through.


Days of hard work and a lot of pain for both humans and Chloe came and past in a blur. Joy tearfully watched to see what would happen.  Early one morning Joy came downstairs and found Chloe eating. Joy squealed with happiness calling her family to see the hero Chloe alive and well! 

And to this very day, Chloe lives in a newer, safer cage. Where her owner checks on her every day and keeps her healthy and safe!


This is a true story of my little sister’s rabbit Chloe. Although human names mentioned are made up the story is relatively true (although more gruesome details are left out).  It shows and reminds us that we need to take care of and love all of His creatures GREAT and small!  Also as a reminder, I don’t do much writing sorry if this was kinda kiddish!

Do you want to hear more farmyard story’s? Please comment and let me know!