Some recent photos I wanted to share!!!!!!!!

​Hi again! 
So today I’m sharing with you all some pictures I took recently….some more recent than others, to be honest. 

Anyways let’s begin!

The top ones are our outside cats Rascal (orange cat)  and Cuddles (brownish gray). Who is half Maine coon, which means they have the cutest big feet through the rest of them is tiny! Soooo cute! The rest of the pictures are just thrown together mixed up photos enjoy!

​I have to tell you guys about something our cat Rascal did. A few days ago my older sister was drinking coffee and talking to my mom by the window. She looked out and noticed deer in our garden. She also saw Rascal watching them. One of the younger deer’s went up to Rascal and sniffed him. Rascal not exactly pleased about this hit the deer on the nose with his front paw. Which frighted them all and off they went to find another place to eat without cats.

Fortunately, my sister had time to grab my camera and take a few pictures!!! 

Sorry about the quality of the photos it was from far away and taken through our window…

Thanks so much for stopping by!
​See you soon!

4 thoughts on “Some recent photos I wanted to share!!!!!!!!

    1. I already have a guard dog! She scares away pretty much everything! Which includes USP workers, FedEx workers, mailmen (cause you all know those three are terrifying) bears, deer, grasshoppers, worms, snails, ticks, ladybugs. etc…. Cats just sit, eat their food, and glare at you.


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