Muffin madness

What’s your favorite kind of muffin? Is it blueberry, strawberry, blackberry or maybe even raspberry? What about a muffin with all those yummy fruits in it!!??

Once or twice a month I make muffins to take to church for the small coffee corner we have there! Today I’m sharing with you the recipe I use and some of the pictures of the process.

2 cups all-purpose flour, sifted
1/2 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs 
2/3 cup milk 
1/4 cooking oil
1 cup of your favorite kind of frozen fruit

​1. Preheat the oven to 400*F. Combine the sifted flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in one of the mixing bowls. Stir until well blended.

2. Beat the eggs, milk, and oil together with a fork. 

3. Dump the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Stir five times. Add the berries and stir until just combined. The batter should be clumpy and lumpy. For real. If it’s smooth, your finished muffins will be dense. (Yuck.)

4. Fill the cups of the muffin tin two-thirds of the way full, and bake 20 to 25 minutes. The baked muffins will come out of the pan more easily if you let them cool for a few minutes first.
Okay, okay so I don’t follow the recipe exactly. I do it a bit differently. I don’t put the berries in the batter I put them in the greased pan and then put that batter on top of them. It keeps the batter from turning purple or red. I also use a muffin pan smaller then the recipe calls for so that the muffins are easier to eat. When using the smaller pan, I cut back the baking time to about 10 – 12 minutes.​

Note: Make sure you wipe up the batter that leaked over the side of the muffin pan, so it doesn’t burn (I don’t have a picture of after I wiped mine up)
They turned out really well!!! Comment and tell me if you might consider using the recipe!See you soon!

Building a table with my dad!

​Welcome back, I hope you all had a great Saturday!! I know I did!

Today my dad and I finished building our kitchen table. It turned out nice, and I wanted to share with you guys how we created it…

First, we planed the cherry wood -for the top of the table- (my dad cut down the trees himself)

You’d think cherry wood would taste like cherry’s…it DOESN’T 😦
After we planed the cherry wood (isn’t it pretty?!)
Next, we cut out the braces and frame for the table. We then put the structure together.
After the frame was finished we cut out pine wood for the legs (it smelled so good), My dad was super excited about the forest for the legs because it came from our old house!
We cut groves in the legs so the weight would sit more evenly.
After we put braces on the legs and screwed them down, we started to put together the top of the table.

Notice the uneven boards? Using wood vice’s we pulled the boards together and screwed the main ones down.

Next, we cut out two pieces of cherry about 41 inches long (the width of the table is 41 inches) 

“Why did we put those extra pieces of cherry wood on end?” To help pull all the boards together and make fewer cracks in between!

After that, we sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded…and sanded some more!

Now because we had to screw the boards on we left huge holes everywhere so taking so wood putty, we put it all over the holes and sanded them down.
Finally after all that hard work we could finally put clear polyurethane on it! 

And we are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The table is 8 feet long, 41 inches wide, and 31 inches tall.

Cherry – for the top of the table
Pine- for the legs, braces, and frame

Cost – around 45 dollars (for the screws, wood putty, polyurethane, and cutting the logs into boards)
Time – 2 days

I hope you guys had fun watching our table being built!

See you guys soon!

Note: We did use ear protection and glasses. My dad oversaw any machinery I used. Also for the sake of my stomach and taste buds, I did not eat any wood.

Ice cream cake!

Hi, Welcome back!
​So my sister had a birthday recently, and I wanted to share with you the cake she made!

She took Oreo’s and pressed them into the bottom of a greased pan.

Next, she put Breyers chocolate Oreo ice cream down.
Then she smoothed all the ice cream.

Next, she drizzled hot fudge on the first layer of ice cream

(note: picture below is blurred for privacy reasons)

After that, she repeated it again. Oreo’s, ice cream, and hot fudge.


I don’t have a picture of the finished product. But basically, she used cool whip and colored it different colors and created designs on the top. It turned out well and was sooooo good!!!!

See you soon! And don’t forget to comment about the cake!

Fixing up a porch!

Hey, ya’ll! A couple of days ago my dad and I decided to fix up a porch, and there were soooo many big splinters! 

So I have some pictures to show what it looked like before then after…..


So then my dad and I went to the store and bought some new pressure treated wood.

After we put new wood on:

Looks a lot better right? Well because we aren’t millionaires and couldn’t do the whole porch with new wood. We bought outside brown carpet and put it down.

After putting down carpet:​

And that’s it for the porch!

Does it look better than before? Comment and let me know!

See you soon!