Fixing up a porch!

Hey, ya’ll! A couple of days ago my dad and I decided to fix up a porch, and there were soooo many big splinters! 

So I have some pictures to show what it looked like before then after…..


So then my dad and I went to the store and bought some new pressure treated wood.

After we put new wood on:

Looks a lot better right? Well because we aren’t millionaires and couldn’t do the whole porch with new wood. We bought outside brown carpet and put it down.

After putting down carpet:​

And that’s it for the porch!

Does it look better than before? Comment and let me know!

See you soon!

7 thoughts on “Fixing up a porch!

  1. You are amazing Abby! I like your close-up photos but they are all grand. You guys did a great job on the porch! Way to go!


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