Ice cream cake!

Hi, Welcome back!
​So my sister had a birthday recently, and I wanted to share with you the cake she made!

She took Oreo’s and pressed them into the bottom of a greased pan.

Next, she put Breyers chocolate Oreo ice cream down.
Then she smoothed all the ice cream.

Next, she drizzled hot fudge on the first layer of ice cream

(note: picture below is blurred for privacy reasons)

After that, she repeated it again. Oreo’s, ice cream, and hot fudge.


I don’t have a picture of the finished product. But basically, she used cool whip and colored it different colors and created designs on the top. It turned out well and was sooooo good!!!!

See you soon! And don’t forget to comment about the cake!

7 thoughts on “Ice cream cake!

    1. The cake was soooo good!!! I’d make it in a heart beat (if it wasn’t so unhealthy I’d probably eat it everyday). Cooking is amazing the hard part about cooking and taking photos is messy hands. I really don’t feel like buying ANOTHER camera (knowing me I’d drop mine in dough or something). Thanks!


  1. Hey Abby! THAT CAKE *heart eyes* it looks so yummy! (GREAT. you’re making me hungry now.) We made something similar earlier this year and it was awesome! =D


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