My day to day life!

Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been SUPER busy! Anndd because I don’t have a topic picked on to post out today I thought I would just tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to! Costume designing – So I’m not one to sew a lot, but I thought I might as well help with costumes for The Christmas Carol I’m in. So far I’ve made Marley’s costume (pictures to come later), and several skirts (photos to come later). I’m having a lot of fun making costumes!

The Christmas Carol – I’m one of the Charity worker’s “Grace.” I’m also a caroler and a townsperson (picture of me in my costume to come later). I’m having a lot of fun working with all 58 cast members and soon getting to know the stage crew. 

Piano – I do play the piano! It’s enjoyable…I may not be professional, and I may never be professional, but it’s still fun to play around on it. The last couple of months I’ve been playing piano of a nursing home ministry which is fun but is taking up to much of my time, so I’m quitting next month 😦 This year I’m playing “Deck the Halls” Arr. By Martha Mier, it’s really cool! Hopefully, I have it finished in time for my Christmas recital.

Church – Some of the teenagers at my church do “Talents For Christ” every year. It’s fun (most of the time). We’re memorizing  1 & 2 Timothy KJV this year. I’m also entering a stained glass heart with a rose in the middle, and my sister and I are going to sing something for TFC probably. I also make coffee and hot water for morning church (sometimes I make muffins or cookies)! Also, my siblings and I are involved in a Club for the kids at our church.

School – School is pretty simple this year! Teaching Texts books Algebra  1, “Exploring World History” by Ray Notgrass (Bible and English are included with History), Science, and music lessons. Plus my mom reads Lamplighter Books sometimes for History! Currently, we’re reading The Cross Triumphant by Florence M. Kingsley.

Sorry about the quality of these photos (notice all the fabric and costumes in the background).

Also this past week we went to a college to rent some period costumes for the play (here are some photos from that). Though sadly we didn’t rent any dresses just coats for the guys.

My Sister

Later today I’ll be working on more costumes! So wish my luck!! (also I will take a few photos of the costumes my sister and I made).

​See you next time!

It dumped about 12 inches of snow on us Thursday! So pretty and fun…but a pain to clear off the roads!

10 thoughts on “My day to day life!

  1. Abby, thanks again for your many hours of costume work! You and Laura should be very proud of your accomplishments! I couldn’t have done it without you girls! Love you!


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