Christmas Themed Pictures!

​Welcome back!
I know this is more posts then I do in a month but I thought I’d share some winter-themed photos with you today! The first three photos are also for a contest! 
 Photos of us cutting down our Christmas tree!

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday! Why? Not because of the presents, not because of the yummy food, not because of the movies, but getting together, decorating the house, and spending time together as a family! I can’t wait for my family to decorate the tree!! We cut out A LOT of snowflakes, make Christmas mangers scenes, and make fun decorations for the Christmas tree so in years to come we can remember the past years we did those things together! Don’t get me wrong; I love yummy food, Christmas movies, and presents! But I really love my family getting together!

And so as Tiny Tim said (in “A Christmas Carol”) A Merry Christmas to us all and 
God bless us, everyone.

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