Sister pictures!

Today I wanted to share with you some pictures of my sisters and me! Another random fact about myself is I have a sister who looks a lot like me (or maybe I look a lot like her) either way let’s get started!


She wanted some new pictures for her blog so we both went out and I snapped some pictures of her and she snapped some of me! YAY!


Her cute kitty Cuddles!



img_2273This pic might be blurred but I’ll always remember the reason for her expression…I’m so blessed to have such an amazing big sis! Love ya ❤

On the way back to the house we ran into……………………………………….an iceberg!img_2427img_2412

No, it was actually Beka and a HUGE icicle that she had gotten off our hose! What a sweet little sister I have (even if she’s a pickle)! Love ya ❤

Well on a scale from 1 – 10 would you say my older sister and I could pass for twins? In the pictures above we don’t really look alike well in the picture below, we may look silly and our hair is really messy but I really do think we look alike!img_1167

  • See you all soon!


8 thoughts on “Sister pictures!

  1. Abby, I love your blog!. You and Laura sure look so sweet in the pics. I am not sure if I can see if you both look alike but you both look beautiful.

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    1. Thanks!! I do credit the photos of me to Laura she also is great at photography! We’ll have to get together sometime…but with the weather outside being frightful and the fire inside so not delightful…hopefully, we can get together soon!


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