Guest Interview

Hey guys! Today I want to introduce to you an extraordinary friend of mine! She is very excited to meet you all!!! So let’s get started!!

My questions are in bold! 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Nicknames, age, about your parents/family…you know the basics!

Hi! Thanks for letting do this fun little interview with ya’ll! Nicknames: noisy, loud, obnoxious, bossy (to name a few…don’t worry I’m not at all offended by those nicknames). I think my favorite is bossy! I’m incredibly bossy. It’s one of my downfalls! Age: I’m six. I was born on October 10th, 2012! Parents/family: I’m adopted. I was about 3 months old when my adoptive parents came to pick me up. My real mom didn’t want me to go, but she knew it was for the best…I miss her, but I love my new family.

Hobbies? I love running around outside with dad. He lets me tag along with him. He’s the BEST! My adoptive siblings are also pretty cool! I have three older sisters and an older brother (they are really sweet and mostly patient with me and my antics). I also love hanging out with my best friend Sophie…she loves tagging along with me when we go on adventures! 

Favorite movie? Definitely “Homeward Bound” it’s incredible!

Favorite games? “Sequence Dogs Game” its soooooo fun! I also love playing Monopoly, Apples to Apples, and Sorry (mostly I just step on the pieces, so my siblings get annoyed!

Favorite Food? Chicken, beef, fish, bananas, peanut butter, jelly, spaghetti, breadsticks, soup, everything is good (though I’m allergic to gluten)!

Do you play any instruments? I play the radio (that’s what my dad says). I’m not a great musician, though I do sing…though according to my family I make an annoying noise!

Do you have any favorite books? Go Dog Go is fun!

Well, thanks for letting me interview you! It was fun! Thanks! I really enjoyed being here! I want to thank you for allowing me a minute to share about myself! 

So know your probably all wondering who I was interviewing! Well, it’s…

My best friend Tirzah! Sorry if I made any of you worried or you get offended…because to be honest, this whole post is real. It’s just from a dog’s eyes and not humans! 

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A little about Tirzah: Her nicknames come from her being a pure-bred English Shepherd. She is extremely protective of her little masters aka her siblings.  She’s fought off a bear, raccoons, weasels, possums, bobcats, and a porcupine (didn’t go over well). Either way, she has proven over and over that she would take out any threat against us, including UPS and FedEx workers…poor men. We got her to protect our goats from coyotes, but we sold them right after we got her. Now her jobs are to: tell us if anyone is here (and if a ladybug hiccups…she loves barking), she keeps us safe if we have to be home alone, she chases the bobcats away from our chickens, and many more things. She is very bossy and stubborn but is a sweetie! I love her so much, and I count her as my best friend (mostly cause she keeps my secrets secret).  Funny story: Tirzah ran away from her dogsitter when we were on vacation once. He looked everywhere for her and was so afraid something would happen…he jumped in his car and drove all the way to our house (2 miles away), and there he found her panting beside our front door. So the fun fact Tirzah has is she doesn’t run away EVER! 

Thanks for reading! See you soon!





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