Some Amazing book recommendations!

Hi everyone!
Does searching for new books and not finding anything really annoy you??? Join the club! So today I want to recommend some great books for you to try out…and the age range for them!

AIO Imagination Station Books 1 – 22 (currently)
 range: 7 and up
Grade: 4 -6
These books are amazing! My older brother gives these to me for every birthday and Christmas (if they’re available).  They’re childish and cute but fun to read!

Even in the Grey

Age range: 12 and up
​Laura Guenot from Beautiful things wrote this awesome, action-packed, and exciting! It teaches so much about forgiveness! I REALLY recommend this book!

Ilyon Chronicles 
Age range: 14 and up
This exciting book series is soooo amazing! I was immediately drawn into them…it’s hard to find such a great & clean series and this is something I would realllllyy recommend!
Note: The first book is a Prequel, yes the cover might seem a little odd but don’t let that stop you!

Dandelion Dust
Age range: 13 and up
A really touching story about the love of a family! WARNING: You may have some tears and laughter happen during this book!!!! 

Red Rock Mysteries 
Age range: 12 and up
This is an exciting mystery series that is really fun to read and it has a lot of turns and twists! There are so many times I want to yell at the characters and what’s going on and other times I’m like noooo don’t end the book there!!!!

The Auschwitz Escape
Age range: 16 and up (unless permission granted by parents)
This book is AMAZING! It’s sooo sad and filled with so much pain and tears…but IT’S history! I definitely recommend this book because of all the history you can learn in an interesting but sad way.

God’s Smuggler
Age range: 10 and up
Such an amazing book to read! An awesome bible time book to read as a family. My family is currently reading through it and it’s such an AMAZING book! Definitely a book to read together as a family!

Now those are just a few book recommendations! I have soooo many more!! 

See you soon!

Piano song!

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you a video of me playing “Deck the Halls” on the piano! I know Christmas time already passed, but I think you’ll enjoy it! 

​Anyways here it is!

Thanks for listening to it! Sorry about the mess ups…

Have a great evening!

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful time staying up till midnight to usher in a new year!

What are some New Year resolutions you’ve decided to do?

Mine: …..not sure yet! I guess I just want to:
1. Try to be a better sibling and daughter.
2. Try not to be a drill sergeant.
3. Work on my piano and choir songs more often!
4. I’m not sure but I just don’t like ending on uneven numbers!

We asked my grandfather what great wisdom he would like to share with the family and he said:
“Don’t eat the spaghetti”. 

Anyways Happy New Year everyone!!

See you soon!