A few of my Favorite Things!

Welcome back! Have you ever watched the “Sound of Music?” I LOVE this movie! There’s a song in the movie called “My Favorite Things,” so I thought I’d make a list of my favorite things!

  1. Dogs – of course
  2. Mowing
  3. Reading
  4. Singing
  5. Watching movies with my family
  6. Church
  7. New pianos – like the ones at the music shop
  8. Playing the piano
  9. White lights – you know like the lights people put around the outside of their house
  10. FUZZY BLANKETS!!!!!! 
  11. Receiving emails from friends!
  12. Pizza
  13. Homemade bread
  14. Listening to Audio Dramas – Contact me (on my Contact page) for some great audio drama recommendations!
  15. Building barns/houses (stuff like that)
  16. I love tearing down houses – because you get to break whatever you want!
  17. I love winter and summer – totally different I know
  18. Working with my dad
  19. Working with my grandpa/(Hunting Pappy), as we build things
  20. Cooking with my grandma (Nanny)
  21. Having long talks about everything with my other grandma (Mimi)
  22. Having a patient grandpa…usually (there’s a story about his patience with me when…Never mind!)
  23. When people mistake me for being older than my older sister (by three years)
  24. Hunting with my dad – even though we freeze and I get lost)
  25. Photography
  26. AND last but not least every night my little sister and I yell goodnight to each other and then after we say goodnight with our normal names she yells “Goodnight Maryellen” and I yell “Goodnight Elizabeth”! (Have you watched the Waltons? If not this will make no sense…so go watch them)!



Story about my grandpa Silly Pappy:

    A while back my dad “taught” me how to mow. Now when I say taught I mean he said, “Abby push this to make it go and this to make the blades turn.” I mean mowing couldn’t be that hard! Anyways I mowed the lawn, and it looked beautiful I must say…I parked the mower in the little structure that was built to protect it. Though I wasn’t thinking about the hill the structure was on and the fact that I didn’t set the parking brake!

    Anyway…I went and started grinding bolts off of our winter vehicle (rust issues), and I heard what sounded like a car coming in our driveway.  I looked and low in behold, it was…………….our now out-of-control mower heading toward our bridge.

    To cut the story short, the mower did a U-turn on our bridge, flipped into the creek, and landed with a crushing metal noise.  My dad was about as happy as um…well, you could probably guess.  I started crying (I’m a girl, I’m supposed to cry).

    The mower wasn’t going to go anywhere, and we had to pull it out with our 4-wheeler. The frame was shifted out of position, the axle broke, and the transmission totaled. I was scared to death that my grandpa was going to kill me….(he had JUST bought it)! I was crying when I went to tell him, but the only thing he said was, “okay, I’ll buy another one sometime.”

      The point of the story is – don’t be afraid of your grandparents because they usually understand…usually.  My grandpa bought a brand new mower the next year, and even though I almost backed it off our other bridge with me on it, (causing my dad to lose years of his life), and even though I might have almost driven it into a few trees, a huge rock, and our pond, I still haven’t lost my job…yet.


Thanks for reading this quick post! What are some of your favorite things? What do you think would be your response if someone crashed your mower?

12 thoughts on “A few of my Favorite Things!

  1. That’s a patient pappy! And you’ve taken a few years off my life a few times too – like that time you backed the four-wheeler over the bridge in the dark…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll have to crash something else for a fun story! Well I could just dig into my already growing pile of accidents…maybe I should do the “dramatic” version of the time when I burnt the side of my hand a week before a performance of The Christmas Carol!


  2. Favorite things…

    I have too many to list, but I love reading historical fiction, the outdoors, washing dishes (weird I know…), my bullet journal, reading Nancy Drew to my siblings, and cooking…when my sister will let me!

    Oh, Abby! I would probably have sat down and cried with you, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I collect Nancy Drew books! They all have the same plot (the bad people tell her their plot or she overhears it)…and she, of course, solves the case! But its fun to read them because of her outfits and the food Hannah makes!!!!
      Thanks for the comment!! ❤


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