Hey guys! So I have a choir performance coming up 23 days!!!! I could really use prayer as there are so many songs I still need to memorize! I thought I’d just tell you guys about my choir and the songs we’ll be singing! Here’s the list of songs:

– Suscepit Isreal (Johann Sebastian Bach) – sorta memorized

Whenever the Wind is High (Todd McNeal) – sorta memorized

Szellö Zúg (Dr. Márkus Miklós) – not memorized

I Went to the Market (Donald Patriquin) – sorta memorized

Stars (Sara Teasdale) – sorta memorized

I’se the B’y (John E. Govedas) – memorized

The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle (Eleanor Daley) – memorized

Sing Creations Music On (Stephen Paulus) – memorized

The Arrow and the Song (Christopher Matthews) – sorta memorized


We get these fun dresses that are so fun and cool! The guys get to wear boring blue vests with white long sleeved dress-shirts (they’re only lucky because they get built in sweaters practically)! So here two pictures of the cool dress/uniform thing!


Thanks to my little sis for taking the photos!


Let me know which is your favorite song! I’d say “Stars” or “Sing Creations Music On”. Let me know in the comments!


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