Prayer Requests page!

Hi guys! So today I was thinking about how prayer works. It’s an amazing thing! Well, I thought…why not start a prayer requests page! You can check it out here or right above this blog post says “Prayer Requests”. We all need prayer and this page is so that you can ask for prayer it will be private unless you say otherwise! But also if you need to just be uplifted with some verses I’ll try!  Now I just want to say I’m not perfect (no one is), I’ve made mistakes but my wonderful parents helped me and prayed for me, I’m so thankful for them and for the way they helped me change my life!

Also, my family recently watched a movie called “Like Arrows” and it was really cool to see a normal family (not a Hallmark family) but a normal family. Now when I say normal I mean the family definitely had their problems and they “tried” to fix them, but it the end prayer and faith in God was what brought the family together again!


Okay, enough of my talking (I mean I go on and on and on and on and on…hehe)! 


Note: the Prayer Requests page is for every kind of prayer big or small!!
And just in case you feel sad I thought I’d add a puppy picture to cheer you up! – Thanks, Google!

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