It’s my Birthday Month!

Hi guys! I just had to do a quick post and tell you guys it’s my birthday month!!! I’ve been counting the days!!! And you’ll never guess what I asked for………….an electric toothbrush, new radio with a CD player for our family because the old one is skipping, an adapter for my headphones, and a new book!  I’m super excited!!!! This year we’re just staying home and watching movies, playing games (monopoly), and eating a yummy homemade ice cream cake…pictures to come later!!! Let’s do a quick recap of my past birthdays:



<>< On my 14th birthday, I really wanted to go to this cool cabin for a few days so we did! Unfortunately, two days before we left I got the stomach flu so I spent my birthday really sick (that isn’t the photo we took because the weather was really rainy)! 



<>< On my 13th birthday, my parents took me out to eat and I got my promise ring! So fun, (it’s this cute dog bone)!






<>< My 12th birthday we watched all “The Kettles”(very cheesy) we spent pretty much the whole day watching them and I had ice cream cake but it was so frozen my dad was actually considering getting the chainsaw out!


My 11th birthday was spent in my grandparent’s basement because we were building our house and it wasn’t done yet!





<>< My 10th birthday was spent bowling! Which was really fun…they gave me this cool bowling pin that said Happy Birthday! 





<>< On my 9th birthday we had a colonial tea party (I made this fun colonial dress…almost all by myself…thanks Mrs. Z.)!


On my 8th birthday my dad built this amazing hay maze which was awesome but the day he showed it to me (the day before my birthday), I had gotten a cavity drilled and I also received a really amazing bike to replace the one I was afraid to ride after I hurt my arm on my other hand-me-down bike. I find it very funny that the most painful memories are the ones we remember the best!



And I’m sure you’re wondering what I did on my 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st…well I can’t remember! I had to ask my family members about the last 5 birthdays (my memory is fried) all I know is that I turned 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in the time I don’t remember…its amazing that I know that much!

A few facts about me (the real me behind the blog hahaha ‘evil laugh’).

  • I have an evil laugh! If you’ve ever watched “The Wizard of Oz” my laugh sounds like that little creepy witch!
  • I’m afraid of stink bugs
  • I’ve accidentally deleted the sound off my computer (if that’s possible let me know…)
  • I’m OCD about dirty glasses (aka the glasses you wear) and windows
  • I hate carrots, squash, beets, olives, and coffee
  • I do everything fast and usually break things or get machines stuck (who knew you could get a mower stuck 10 times in one day…thanks dad)!

Okay! That’s enough annoying facts about me!

See you guys soon!!!!

7 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday Month!

  1. Happy birthday!! Hope this one is the best yet. Ugh – Ma and Pa Kettle – talk about cheesy!! Your grandma loves those movies for some strange reason. May you have a yummy ice cream cake and a stinkbug-free year! 🙂

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