The Interesting Advice of a Few Friends

Hi guys! So my sister and I are doing this writing curriculum and one of the projects was to write a story…about the advice of people around you.

Some people’s advice is REALLY good! Other’s not so much! So enjoy this little short story and let me know what you think! (also, sorry about the messed up posting schedule…I’ll be starting afresh next week)!     


   A young successful carpenter was on his way to a new house project. He called his 3 friends who also built houses and asked them for advice. The first friend told him to pour plastic instead of concrete…as concrete was overrated. Taking the advice of his friend he called in and had the plastic company pour the plastic.

   The young man remembered the advice of his second friend and installed the roof before putting up the walls because apparently, that was what everyone was doing! The man cleverly built the roof and propped it up with a few screwdrivers.

   Absentmindedly the man remembered what his third friend said, “don’t waste time putting the electricity and plumbing in separately, just do them at the same time”. Stupidly the man followed his advice and BOOM! 


Moral of the story: “Don’t trust everyone’s advice.”

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