Another fun Guest Interview!

Hello and welcome back!! I honestly couldn’t resist posting again today! So please be patient with me!

So a friend of my family agreed to do an interview! Honestly, he wasn’t too keen on doing this interview but I eventually won him over! So…let’s get started! Questions of mine are in bold!

Hello! Welcome to Photos by Abby Rose please tell us a little about yourself!

Well, I’m a book lover and I enjoy spending time with my select group of friends…a group of friends you’re definitely not part of!

Um, thanks… So do you enjoy spending time outside?

No…I hate all kinds of weather I’d rather sit inside and read.

Okay… what kind of books do you enjoy reading?

Books that don’t have happy or romantic endings. I like that depressed feeling when the main character dies in the end.

Yikes! Do you have a favorite animal?

I think little mice are cute.

So do you have a favorite movie/song?

I like Gettysburg and I don’t like music

That is a really interesting movie! Hair and eye color?

Red/orange hair and green eyes

Do you have a favorite game?

“Mousetrap” because of the sad ending it usually has

Red hair? How fun! Well, I’m kinda running out of things to ask so this will be the last question! Are you a day person or a night person?

Definitely night…I enjoy waking people up


Okay, so that interview didn’t go as expected…so this interview was to just get to know others around you and you can go check more about him here: 

Sorry, the post didn’t go as…expected…so hopefully the next interview I will have will be more interesting and exciting!

If anyone would like to do a blog interview here! I’d love to know!!! Let me know in my contacts page or comments below!!!

6 thoughts on “Another fun Guest Interview!

  1. I would say that he enjoys sleeping on books more than reading them. I would know since I AM in his select group of friends. Although that’s not terribly impressive. Fun post

    Liked by 1 person

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