Artwork Showcase!

Hi guys! Note before I start this blog post: My new blog posting schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes Sunday. Don’t worry I’ll probably change this schedule in about four days…hehe!

Okay, let’s get started! So a friend of mine and I got together and want to share some of her awesome work! My questions are in bold!



Me: Hi Natalie! Thanks so much for allowing me to talk and share your drawings! Tell us a bit about yourself! Her: My name is Natalie (surprise surprise) and my favorite color is pink! My favorite thing to draw is people, especially eyes. I like to draw because the outcome of my art always surprises me and I like to glorify God through it. One thing I CAN’T draw is horses. 

Me: Pink is such a fun color! What’s one fun fact about yourself? Her: I‘m left-handed; apparently, a lot of artists are!

Me: Well, that explains why I can’t draw anything! What’s your favorite kind of art? Her: My favorite art medium to use is soft pastels; they’re kinda like chalk and I use my fingers to smear them into what I want. I also like just plain pencils.

Me: Okay, so now are some of her fun AMAZING drawings!


So the pencil one is just a pencil and paper…..nothing exciting! It’s done with a pencil.
The one of the girl is with soft pastels, my favorite art medium!
FullSizeRender (1)
There’s a pencil one of a girl…no one specific. 
A bunny, soft pastels
This is a soft pastel lion that I showed for student ministry night at my youth group. I like to think as God as a lion, so that’s why I did it. 
This is just a soft pastel sunflower/quote thingy
This person was meant to be Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. Done with pencil
This one is a castle and is a form of art called zen tangle, I think. Just doodles and flowers, done with a pencil. (They take forever!!)
This one is a dancer and is another form of art called zen tangle, I think.
 These are just lots of different eyes! (Done with pencil) I really like drawing eyes!
These are the soft pastels I use. They’re kinda like chalk. I smudge them on the paper and use my fingers. 


Me again: Okay, that’s all the drawings I have so far! Hopefully, we can see more of Natalie’s work soon!


Still me: A little about how I met Natalie! This past year (2018) I met Natalie in an acting camp. We were paired up in Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” she was Actor 1 and I was Actor 2 (I think). She was such a fun actor and I enjoyed spending time acting with her…even if she carried the lighter person off stage while I got the heavy one hehe! She was so fun to act with and I had so much fun getting to know her!  Thanks for letting me do this fun post with you, Natalie!!


Hehe and still me: My favorite drawing was definitely the castle! I loved the detail! Which was your favorite drawing? Comment down below and let me know!


-all art is owned by Photos by Abby Rose and N.W. if you want to share any of them please contact me and ask permission…as it’s important to us that we know where her art is going. Thanks!






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