Snowball and the Missing Apple – Book Review

Hey guys! I know this is another post but I totally forgot I was supposed to post today! I honestly that it was tomorrow. Well oops! Anyways today I’m doing another fun book review called: “Snowball and the Missing Apple” by Amie from Crazy A!

About the author: 

img_9676Amie is a wild, crazy writer who is either daydreaming or talking a hundred miles an hour.  When she is not doing those two things, she is probably reading or jamming on one of the four instruments she plays.  Writing is her overwhelming passion, but she is also passionate about horses, music, acting, photography, blogging, and living life to glorify her Creator and Lord.  She is the second oldest of seven children and enjoys being dramatic with her four sisters. Whether it is in Amie’s writing or in her words, she enjoys making people laughing.

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Such a cute rabbit and cover!!!


About the book: Snowball loves apples.  When his apple goes missing, he knows that he must find who took it.  A charming children’s book with funny pictures, an engaging message, and animals.  Perfect for early readers or to read aloud to your 2-5 year old.


DSC_0003 (1).JPG




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My Review: Snowball and the Missing Apple is a cute fun book for young kids! The book has fun drawings in it and the story is very sweet! The story is very short but still adorable and clean. I’d rate it 4 stars! Great job Amie! I hope to see more of your work soon!


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Also if you’d like to purchase the book click here!!!

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