The Trip of a Lifetime pt.1

Hey guys! So this past month (sort of) we flew out to visit a good good friend! It was my first time flying so it was really cool! Anyways I’m sorting through photos now and want to post some for you all! Let’s begin!

Selfie time with Dad!
Taking a walk!


“I’m having a bad hair day and you ask me to smile for the camera…how rude”!
Lemons…on a tree…who knew!
Different timezones…so I was up early when everyone was still sleeping!
I know…I’m taking photos of snowstorms one day and lemon trees the next!
Someone told me not to step on it seconds after I do……ouch!
Kinda looks like a lemon/kiwi having a terrible hair day (just like the chicken) and getting electrocuted at the same time!
Taking a three-mile walk…with cheap shoes on (torture) 
I knew better than to step on these…
A beautiful wooden fence…in the middle of nowhere (that makes sense right)?!
Imagine taking a warm sunny walk and suddenly looking down and realizing your walking through hundreds of stinging nettle.
So pretty!!

There will be more to come but that’s it for now! Didn’t want to overwhelm you…too much!


Which is your favorite picture? What do you think about the rest?!

22 thoughts on “The Trip of a Lifetime pt.1

  1. Wow, those pictures are really sunny girl! Love them!
    The chicken there, I forget their names of breed, but my friends actually breed them and they are SOOO CUTE with their hair styles!!

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