A Trip of a Lifetime pt. 2

Welcome! Today I’m coming back to show you a few more photos from our trip recently! The ocean pictures were actually the first time I’ve REALLY seen the ocean! It was amazing…and cold!

Let’s get started!


He didn’t really move so we thought he was stuffed!
God’s creation!
It’d be so fun to be a bird flying over the ocean!
We told her NOT to get wet…did that stop her?!
A wonderful clear day for pictures!
So fun to see them run and try to get the shells before a wave comes back!
Waves are so fun!
Birds are so awesome to take pictures of!
What a fun picture! You could stand there until a wave comes and then you need to run for it!
Such huge shells you just have to go swimming to find……
Wouldn’t this make a nice snuggly pillow??? LOL
A bright sunny picture!
Doesn’t this look like a mountain? (let me know in the comments)
Mother and son!
I can see me jumping off that rock! What about you???? hehe

I’m hoping to have a pt. 3 & pt. 4 coming up soon…though I’m not sure if we’ll get to pt. 4 you might get a bit annoyed!

Let me know in the comments which were your favorite!





10 thoughts on “A Trip of a Lifetime pt. 2

  1. The mother and son picture is my favorite of course . Actually they are all amazing- you do a great job👍 And yes that did look like a mountain.

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