Fun E-Cards to Send Family/Friends!

Hello all! Today I’m back with some fun e-cards you can send to your friends and family. Everyone likes getting something fun and incouraging!  

Let’s get started! 


A great reminder to send people when they are having a tough day!
One you could send a friend to let them know your praying for them!
This one is just too funny!
I fell in love with this one the minute I saw it!
A reminder from the Lord!
Haven’t talked to a friend recently? What a great card to start a conversation!
Who knew there is Turtle Day? But this one is cute!

Okay that’s it! I found these all on Crosscards. Anyone likes to feel special so sending them something that’s cute with a little note on it saying “hi” helps cheer anyone up! 


So which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



-Photos by Abby Rose is not doing this for payment of any kind.


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