Interview with Life of Heritage – Ryana Lynn

Welcome back to Photos by Abby Rose! Today I’m back with yet ANOTHER interview with Ryana Lynn! My questions are in bold! Let’s get started!



Welcome to Photos by Abby Rose Ryana! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I certainly can! My Name is Ryana Lynn. I am…

A Homeschool Graduate, a Multi-published Author, a Born-Again Independent Baptist (and Preacher’s Kid!), a Pro-Life Advocate, a Proud American Citizen, a North Carolinian, a lover of Autumn and a Ginger 🙂

Do you have a blog (what’s it’s name…a little info about it)?

I do! My blog is called Life of Heritage Corner. I post devotions, bookish posts, history articles, writing advice and things of that nature. Most of my history topics are Civil War related at this point because I am writing about that time period. My on-going series are Soldier Life, 10 Totally Random Facts, My Favorite Research Books and Writing 101.


You write, right? What kind of books do you enjoy writing and where can we find your books? 

I am the author of The Battle for Heritage Series (book 4 is due to release in a few months!) and Coffee Shop Christmas, a First Responder Christmas Novella. So, my genre of choice is Historical fiction. I do have a few modern day stories up my sleeves (the First Responder Christmas Novellas and a 9/11 based series) and a medieval-themed story is trying to push its way in, but I’m not committed.  My next big project will revolve around WWII Lord Willing. You can find my books at my website, Life of Heritage


What are some things that help you concentrate when writing?

Music! I love listening to time period music as I write. Bobby Horton and the 2nd South Carolina Stringed Band are great for my Civil War books, as are the Gods and Generals soundtrack, Gettysburg and Sons of Georgia. They are amazing! Chewy Sweettarts candy helps too!


Describe how you first got into blogging?

Well, my writer buddy Victoria Minks started me thinking in that direction. Originally, I just wrote as I had an idea and posted it. Now, I’m trying to keep a schedule and write posts I wish had been out there when I first started writing/researching!


If you could do three unique things what would they be?

Fun question! I would love to meet a Holocaust survivor…hmmm…visit the Black Forrest (I would say visit Isreal, but just about everybody wants to do that!) and…attend the Gettysburg Reenactment! That would be so much fun!


Do you have a favorite Bible Verse?

Jude 22. “And of some have compassion, making a difference:” It’s my missions statement and my goal as a writer: to have compassion and make a difference!


What’s one of your favorite hymns?

I adore the older Southern Harmony hymns like “What Wondrous Love is This?”, but my favorite is “How Firm a Foundation.” It’s the theme song of my book “The Rivers of Sorrow.”


What would you say your hobbies are?

Writing and reading! Seriously, that’s my favorite thing to do. But I love outdoor activities, running, biking and taking walks with my siblings. I also enjoy baking (my little sister adores my chocolate chip cookies) and funny as it sounds, I love coloring! I have a neat advanced coloring book full of country sayings and I adore it! Oh, and I love making iris folded cards and working on my bullet journal!


 I’ll have to come over and sample these chocolate chip cookies! They sound AMAZING!   Okay last question (a fun less serious question) If you were given a choice to buy a monkey, giraffe, or a squirrel which would it be (you have to pick one) and what would you do with it?

A MONKEY! I’ve always wanted a monkey! And I would set right to work teaching it the alphabet in Sign Language, then learn more sign language myself so I could teach him. And if I could choose the kind I got, I would go for a chimp! (Technically an ape, I know, but they are my favorite!)

Where you can find Ryana Lynna:

My Website~ Having Compassion. Making a Difference Great Christian Music and Programming for the Whole Family!


Thanks so much for allowing me to do a interview with you Ryana! I’m really looking forward to reading more of your work! Everyone go check out Life of Heritage it’s totally worth it!



14 thoughts on “Interview with Life of Heritage – Ryana Lynn

      1. I’ll email you some interview questions…you answer them and email them back! I’ll do the rest of the work from there. It’s great blog publicity and it’s always fun to get to know other bloggers! I’ll send the questions to you sometime next week and you can decide from there!

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  1. Yay, Ryana Lynn!! This was great! I seriously need some of your cookies…our neighbor in AZ made the BEST ones and we’re currently on chocolate chip cookie withdraw. XD A monkey…that would be hilarious… 😂

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