The War for Life

Hey guys! I had to write another report thing! Thought I’d share it with you as it does remind me a bit of what’s going on in this world at the moment…….. 


    Chimpanzees are not all cuddly and cute as some would think. Between 1974 and 1976 many babies disappeared causing great tension in families and relatives. Increasingly babies would be snatched out of their mother’s paws and killed! Soon a civil war broke out which caused families to separate. The kidnappings still continued, and suspicions began to confirm that the kidnapper was Passion who had a strange mad look in her eyes. Passion killed many babies and taught her children to do likewise. She soon started her own family gang, and although the male fathers would fight hard for their children, the gang continued to kill babies until the civil war ended in 1977 that finished the slaughter of Chimpanzees babies.


I think it turned out pretty well and I’m not sure if all the facts are right…… It kinda reminded me about what’s going on right in New York (I mean they’re not eating babies but they are killing them). Can you imagine killing anything so sweet and precious? Sure it might not look exactly like a newborn baby right away but how could anyone kill a human being just because it might have problems or it might bring problems to your life? Life is so precious and since reading a book that had some statistics about the rate of abortions happening around the world…it kinda blew me out of my little bubble. I think some Christians would agree with me that a lot of the time we live in a bubble and don’t really think about looking around us and seeing what’s going on in the world. 


Please pray for those who are struggling with life and death situations!  Remember to not only pray for the unborn but those who are alive!


Hello guys and welcome back! So today is the day I announce……………………I’ve run out of blog steam! So from now I the blog posts will be more random and maybe just once a week (but who knows, I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow)! Hehe, either way, today is a random photo post…and it is VERY random because today when I turned on my camera I found out with great horror that I deleted everything off my card)!

Anyways let’s get started!


Stained glass heart!
Another stained glass heart!
Snowy landscaping
Do you think he fits???? You should see him lie down!
Dewey the evil cat
Snow/ice sliding off the barn
Piano cover for my electric piano!
Quilted pillows

Thanks for coming by! Let me know in the comments, what was your favorite picture!



Have you ever just wrote into google search “Life Quote Images”? Try it…see what the (normal) world thinks is the best Life Quote! A few of my quotes would be:

_The struggles of life, when you open a butter container and there ins't any butter..._ (1)

With God EVERYTHING is possible! (1)

When it's my time to leave home...I want to remember the good times not the bad ones!

Enjoy those little moments! Don’t get mad when your siblings use all the butter! Be thankful you have those siblings! 


(sorry about the random post)

See you guys soon!