Being Careful!!

Hey guys! I was going to post this awesome recipe for you all…but something came up and I was reminded to be careful. Please be careful with what you post or share with someone! If you don’t know them to talk to your parents first before responding. If you feel like the person might be hiding something TALK TO YOUR PARENTS! 

Pretty much the whole reason for this post is to remind you to be careful with who you talk to…who you share things with…and to talk to your parents if something doesn’t seem right. The best thing anyone can do is tell their parents, so their parents know what’s going on.  We live in a messed up World now and the only way that we can keep each other safe is being aware of what others can see on our blogs…sorry if that’s a bit confusing but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say!


So know please go look through your blog and see what you’ve been posting…is it something you want some creep to see? 

16 thoughts on “Being Careful!!

  1. I appreciate your reminder to keep open communications with your parents. You may not always agree with them on everything (like how wonderful 1980s hair was😆) but we parents love and cherish the precious gifts God gave us and want to be there for them. Sadly there are creepy people with less than honorable intentions who look for others to take advantage of. If someone or something doesn’t seem right tell your parents or a trusted adult in your life.

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  2. I completely understand!! My blog is new enough that I don’t really have trouble with it, but you never know who’s reading without saying anything, so you can never be too careful! Better safe than sorry!

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