Animal Pictures!

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d share some animal pictures with you all! Its finally spring here and it’s beautiful out and the animals really enjoy it…so let’s get started!

Asking a dog to smile….doesn’t work!
So majestic! 
Gunieas are such odd looking creatures
A duck that hates water (seriously she doesn’t like swimming)!
I shall name them squishes and I shall squish them till they are squished (jk)!
BIG eyes and BIG ears!
Sweet little kitty!
I asked her to wait and she waited for 10 minutes till I came back!
Don’t take a picture of me! I didn’t do my hair!
Unfortunately, the picture I had with a worm in her mouth was super blurry but this one is cool!


I’ll be posting more chicken photos (aka the little cuties up above). Fun story: so I went out to take some pictures of them and I went into the barn (with sandals on) the door closed on me and locked so after unsuccessfully trying to take some pictures of the peeps I had to move one of the cages of peeps open the other door then come around (and go through the door that locks) and put the peeps back in place. Thankfully the door did not lock again and I was able to get back out but I learned three lessons…1. Make sure the door has something to hold it still. 2. Do not wear sandals into a chicken coop. 3. If you want to take pictures of peeps have someone helping you. 


See you guys soon (oh and have you noticed I’m still doing my posting schedule??? I’m so proud)! 

15 thoughts on “Animal Pictures!

  1. AWW!! I want to squish them all!! XD What a good dog—and your rabbit is stunning! Is the duck a Muscovy? She looks like it to me, and I’ve never known a Muscovy that wanted to get in the water. XD

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