New Arrival/Interview!

Welcome back, guys! I hope and pray you all are having a great week…I know I am! Let’s just say some unexpected things happened recently! So from the pictures I’ve posted before you’ve noticed, we have an English Shepherd…well I’ve been wanting to get my own dog so I could learn how to train one. So I went online and found this great website that sells dogs! I found this adorable border collie/black lab 11-week old puppy named Winnie and it turns out we were able to get her! So meet Winnie! Isn’t she adorable???!!!  

Alright! On to the interview I did with Kassie from Soldier Girl Stories! My questions are in bold!



  1. Hello Kassie! Welcome to Photos by Abby Rose! Can you tell us about yourself (optional: include a picture).

Hey AbbyRose! Thanks for having me. I’m an 18-year-old Army girl, indie author, homeschool graduate, and a would-be missionary medic—I have a soft spot for Middle Eastern Christians. I have a huge heart for the Army as well, as you can imagine! I’m training my retriever as a therapy dog and love working with animals.

  1. Can you tell us about your blog?!

Well, I started it back at the end of January and to quote my about page, I write about the Lord, the Army, my pets, and Texas!  It’s my outlet for sharing my writing, rambling about things dear to my heart, keeping my friends updated on my WIP, and connecting with like-minded writers. It makes me feel vulnerable whenever I share anything I’ve written, but I enjoy blogging way more than I ever thought I would!

  1. What made you want to start “Soldier Girl Stories“?

Haha…I didn’t want to until about two days before I did! My mom thought I should have a blog as a platform for my writing; I finally gave in and I’m so glad I did!

  1. What are 3 of your favorite hobbies?

Reading/writing, working with my dog and going for walks or runs.

  1. Can you tell us more about one of your hobbies above?

Thunder, my retriever, and I are working on being registered through PetPartners as a therapy dog team. Thunder’s only 18 months old and still pretty puppyish; we took the evaluation once and scored Not Ready, but the evaluator assured me he’s a natural and just needs time to grow. Once we are registered, we’ll be able to visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, and even airports to visit people and basically just be a bright spot in their day. Retrievers are extremely perceptive and I’ve learned to listen to Thunder just as much as he’s learned to listen to me. One of my life dreams, when I was younger, was to train a working dog, and I’m really thankful for this opportunity.

  1. Do you have a favorite Bible Verse?

Luke 10:37—Jesus’ command at the end of the parable of the Good Samaritan to “Go and do thou likewise.” That’s my life verse and what I pray others see through my writing and my medical work.

  1. If you could do three unique things what would you do?

Barrel race in a rodeo and win; fly in a fighter jet; and fire a Howitzer or some other kind of field artillery weapon. And yes, I knew those off the top of my head!!

  1. Do you have a favorite book and movie?

War in the Wasteland by Douglas Bond…it’s impossible to pick a favorite book but that’s one of the top ones of all time, so it gets the honor of being my all-time favorite. As for movies, it’s tied almost equally between Return to the Hiding Place, Saints, and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, and Indivisible.

  1. What is your favorite season (winter, spring, summer, or fall) and could you go into detail about the reason you like it?

Spring!! One word: bluebonnets. Sure, for the rest of the year Texas might be dry and dead, but in the springtime, the Lone Star State explodes in wildflowers and it’s absolutely beautiful. Birds building nests, Easter sunrise services, the smell of cold rain on hot pavement, the temperature being that perfect balance between not too hot and not too cold, flowers blooming on trees before any leaves come out. There are things I love about every season, but if I had to pick one favorite, it’d be spring.

  1. Last question! If you had to own a turtle, a bat, or a fox which would you pick?

Probably a fox, because I love dogs and I’ve read about foxes being domesticated…and besides, they have the cutest faces! I’ve had both fish and amphibious frogs before and after that I just can’t imagine turtles being that exciting. And when I think of bats I picture the huge three-foot-wide fruit bats we always saw in Japan and I can’t begin to imagine how I would care for one!!


Thanks so much for joining me, Kassie! 

Thanks for having me!! I had a ton of fun answering those.


Wasn’t that a fun interview!??!! Let me know in the comments what you think of Winnie! See you on Saturday!

20 thoughts on “New Arrival/Interview!

  1. Thanks again for having me!! 💜 WOW!! Winnie is such a sweetheart! I’ve heard really good things about collie labs as working dogs. You’ll have to keep us up to date on how it goes!! I’m so excited for you. 😉 We got Thunder spur of the moment too.

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