Winnie update!

Hey guys! I couldn’t resist giving you guys a puppy update and showing you a few recent photos! 

Update: My little Winnie is growing so fast! She’s now 14 weeks old!!! The day we got her 4/17/19 she weighed 21.2 pounds she now weighs 23.6 and is a pain to carry around (but we do it anyway)! She has already chewed a hole in her bed and chewed the tail off her fox toy…last night I found that she had eaten a wooden star off our fridge and chewed the nose off her monkey toy. Okay, so she isn’t perfect but her adorableness makes up for the bad stuff! She knows to sit and come and she DEFINITELY has it down that when she comes inside if she sits and sometimes lays down she’ll get a treat! She doesn’t bark except when she is playing with her toys though she does whimper and howl in the night. We’ve been experimenting with different ways to get her to sleep and last night I used ear-plugs…and they were AWESOME! 



Easter afternoon nap…but someone doesn’t want to sleep!


“Oh come on! You put this on me and expect me to sit still for you????” says Winnie.



Aunt & niece…so cute!
Is that a cat I see???




Okay, guys! That’s my update! I’ll go back to posting on Saturday’s and Wednesday’s now, see you soon!


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