Randomness Award

Randomness AwardAbove is the little award picture I made cause I love random things!

Hey guys! So to go along with Wednesday’s Random post I thought I’d do this award now! Jesse from The Crazy Life of Jesse nominated me for this fun Randomness Award!! Thanks so much, Jesse!!! I’m super excited! 


  1. Thank the person who nominated you. 
  2. Then you gotta answer the questions that the person who nominated you… asked.
  3. Then you must nominate 5 people and ask them 10 questions.


Here are the questions…

1. Have you ever played a sport? Not on a team but my family plays basketball once in a while. Even though my parents used to play or do sports we’re not much for sports in my family 🙂

2. What’s your favorite movie? Either Beyond the Mask or McFarland USA

3. If you had to choose one thing to do for eternity what would it be? Hmm…that’s a really tough one! I guess either sing or mow (totally different I know)!

4. What is BY FAR the best book writer in your opinion? Jaye L. Knight

5. If you could own ANYTHING in the world what would it be? Probably make a cure for cancer or invent a drip pan for your stove so that when your cake overflows you don’t have to turn off the stove to clean it!

6. If you went to another planet and found an alien what would be your first thought? Wow! My teachers were wrong all along! I knew it! *evil laugh* 

7. What’s your least favorite movie? Appalachian Trail we had to watch it once when the internet kept cutting out…it made the movie worse!

8. If you knew you were going to die in a week unless you went back in time to prevent it what would you do? No cause that would change life’s other events and plus it’d be super weird! I mean when it’s time to die there’s no stopping it (don’t take this the wrong way guys)!

9. Why do you love to blog? I really love being able to share things with other people and hear what they think of them!

10. And last, do you personally think that video games “rot the brain”? So we aren’t a huge video game family…even though I’m not against them I don’t like when they have a lot of violence and killing in them.

My nominees:

Rosy’s Writings

Lit Aflame

Beautiful Things

A Need to Breathe

Lydia’s Blog

My Questions (and guys these are totally random)!: 

Who is your favorite Historical character?

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Do you prefer frogs or chickens?

Someone hands you 10 million dollars but to accept it you have to deal with a turtle chasing you for the rest of your life…would you do it?

Do you prefer: hardcover books, softcover books, or ebooks?

If you could create your own chip flavor, what would it be?

Should school have summer break or do it year around?

Do you like hot dogs or hamburgers?

Apple, Andriod, or dell (PC or Mac) for a computer? 

Do you prefer camper, tent, or cabin camping?


Have fun answering the questions guys!




Random Post!

Hey guys! So to make it easier for you all to understand why this post is so random and late I’ll give you a recap of my day!

Around 9 I took about a 7-mile walk (which was insane)!!! After getting home around 12 I crashed and took a short nap. Since I’m done with school I thought I’d watch a few Studio C videos but for unknown reasons, my computer crashed 8 times (I counted) so we called the “help line” they were very helpful but they couldn’t fix it so now we might have to get a new hard drive put in. So moral to the story…don’t use computers use rocks (jk)!! 

I have two pictures to share as well (I had more… 😦



And to make it even more random…For Memorial Day I made a cake that was supposed to look like an American flag on the inside…Let me know in the comments if it does!


Okay, now for an update about Winnie! She is now about 31 pounds and growing faster and faster! She’s graduated from sleeping in her cage all night to sleeping in my room with her cage door open so she can lay wherever she wants but she usually likes sleeping in her cage anyway.

She went with us on Memorial Day but got scared when the trumpet player was warming up so we went on a little walk during that part of the service.

Another exciting accomplishment for her is that she went on that 7-mile walk today and wasn’t tired in the least! Also right now I’m working on applying for her to be a Therapy Dog (which surprisingly doesn’t need any training…I mean she does need the basics)! 

Also some sad bit of news…if her legs don’t stop growing soon she’ll be top heavy! It’s so cute!!!!! She also just got a new toy…so far it has lost both ears and it’s tail but is still hanging in there!


So guys…that’s all the random news I have to share! See you all Saturday 🙂


God Bless America – Video

Hey guys! As I mentioned on Saturday…I would share the video of us singing God Bless America! So here it is guys! If you’re wondering why I walk across the room in the beginning it’s I had forgotten the words so we had to start over!


Photos from today!


Happy Memorial Day!

Hey guys! Last chance to enter the Beautiful Things giveaway! Go check it out, guys!!!

Hi, everyone! If you haven’t done so yet, now is your chance to enter the giveaway! There’s only nine hours left until it ends! Check back here tomorrow morning to see the winners of both giveaways! I will also be posting a short story in honor of Memorial Day! See you then! ~ Laura 🙂

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Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend guys! If I was asked what is one of my favorite holidays, I’d say Memorial Day. It’s amazing! I love spending time with my family and going to this awesome small little church where we sing old hymns, replace the old flag, and hear the cannons and guns salute. It’s…truly an amazing day. But what really makes it emotional for me is knowing that we’re honoring the men and women who died for me and my freedom.

My dad’s military photos:

So this year my sister and I are singing God Bless America. The last few years I sang the Star Spangled Banner but this year I wanted to change it up! Actually, I’m hoping to have someone film it so I can share it with you all! 


Anyways just wanted to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day! 

What does your family do for Memorial Day? Let’s chat in the comments!

Hey guys! Beautiful Things is having a giveaway!!! Go check it out!!!!

Good morning all! Today is the day the giveaway begins! As if I needed to tell you. 🙂 So what are we celebrating you may ask…Three things. First of all, Memorial Day! Unlike the First of July which celebrates our independence, this day is for celebrating the men and women that have served and protected […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 2

Hey guys! So I’m back with Pt. 2 on The Sunshine Blogger Award that Laura from Beautiful Things nominated me for! Thanks so much, Laura! I’m so excited to answer your awesome questions! Let’s get started guys!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
  • List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and notify them by commenting on any of their posts.
  • Ask the nominees 11 new questions.


1. What is one of your biggest goals? I’m not sure…I guess one day I’d like to build my own house from “scratch” and inventing glasses that NEVER get dirty!

2. Do you like outside activities or inside activities? I guess both but I love outside if we’re doing something that’s planned…if we’re just gonna go outside and never do anything I’d rather stay inside!

3. What’s the most courageous things you’ve ever done. (It doesn’t need to be like, ‘I saved someone from a burning building.’ Courage can be shown in different ways). Guys…I can’t think of ANYTHING! 

4. Desk-top or lap-top? Laptop! So much easier to take on trips!

5. Favorite beverage. Water

6. Favorite author. Jaye L. Knight or Laura Guenot (click on the links to take you to my favorite book’s by those authors of all time)!

7. Dream vacation. Going to a warm area where we (camper) camp and go swimming and take walks!

8. If you lived during the 1800s what occupation would you have? Well because I’m a girl I’d probably be stuck inside sewing/knitting socks.

9. Sneakers or sandals? Sandals!! I love how easy they are to slip on!

10. Do you like having long hair or short hair? Long hair!! I wish there was some way to get my hair to grow 10 inches in a day!

11. Fudge popsicle or regular popsicle? Fudge (if it’s chocolate)!


My questions for my nominees:

1. What do you do in your spare time (or what do you wish you could do if you had time)?

2. Dogs or Cats?

3. Steak or hamburgers?

4. Favorite Summer beverage? Favorite Winter beverage?

5. Can you speak any languages?

6. Would you rather swim or take a walk?

7. Books or movies?

8. Do you play any instruments? 

9. Push mower or riding mower?

10. What’s a few of your favorite styles of music that you listen to?

11. Would you rather go without music for a year or the internet?

My nominees: 

Steadfast Pictures

Kiwi Katastrophes 

A Storynerd’s Life 

Parker Hankins – Pencils and Piano

Purely Olivia

An Unfinished Story

Caleb E. King

Victoria Lynn Blog


YOU annddd…….


Thanks again, Laura! I had so much fun answering your questions! Have a fun day guys!