Interview with Julia from LitAflame

1. Hello Julia! Thanks for joining us today! Can you tell us a bit about yourself (you could add a picture or something that people would recognize with you or your blog)?
Hey there Abby!  I’m a 16 year old lover of fantasies, cleanliness, and sarcasm with a rather concerning fondness of sharp things. I dwell in the reclusive Texas countryside with my parents and 6 siblings where I bemourn my ruthless nemesis: MATH, fume at my computer’s unresponsiveness whenever I attempt to do my college-work and bury myself between pages of words. My existence solely relies on the constant, never-ending mercy of my Savior Jesus Christ and I live to bring Him glory in all things.  I write about all things inspiring, from books to hobbies, every week over at LITAFLAME.BLOG
2. So you have a blog…can you tell us a bit about it and why you started it?
Banner (9).png
My blog is called “Lit Aflame” and I started it because I’m building an empire to take over the world (obviously). 
See, I was but a young…lass… of last year, reading my books, happy, blissfully bored.  And then.  I FOUND A BLOG. 
Piece of advice: If you are blissfully bored — don’t find a blog, it’ll ruin your blissful boredom.  
After that it was like a domino effect – apparently, all you people link to each other like crazy.  Which means, yes, I blame all you bloggers out there for my current state of insanity.  XD  Because after reading like, a kazillion blog posts from a zillion different blogs – what did I do?  Decided to try out blogging of course.  Now, this wasn’t a sudden thing, I’d been wanting a place to talk about books – and the such – for quite some time.  But before I went out and actually spent money on the thing, I decided to make sure I actually liked blogging, to begin with.  So I whipped out a free Weebly blog (couldn’t think of an awesome name so I settled with “Lit Aflame”) and WHAM, I published my first blog post.  
The rest is a very sad, sorry, typo-filled History.  
Unfortunately, it didn’t take me long to get slammed with a life changing realization: I actually LIKED blogging!  As in, its something I’d like to do for the “rest of my life”. . . . . . And that’s when I became officially broke
…All this was to say that what began as a little side thing where I would do book reviews, devotionals, and any random thing that fell from the sky, grew – and soon demanded a theme and purpose.  And that purpose turned out to be “inspiring lives”. 
So whether I’m talking about 4 Steps to Getting Excited About God’s Greatness Again or How to Create an Awesome Blog Tag I seek to bring glory to God and inspire the lives of those reading my posts.  
You can check out my blog here and my Instagram here
3. What would you say three of your hobbies are?
…Does….procrastination count as a hobby?
Hm… Fine then.  I’d say three of my main hobbies are reading, writing, and raising rabbits.
4. Go into detail about one of your hobbies you named above!
For my tenth birthday, I got my very first rabbit (a pet I had been wanting for quite a long time).  From there I got MORE rabbits, and then – once we moved out to the country – I happily began a small business called “Bundles of Joy Rabbitry” where I breed and raise family-friendly Pedigreed Holland Lops.  As of right now, I have around 11 rabbits – three of which are from my Doe’s (a female rabbit) latest litter (they’re currently 15 weeks old).
^This is one of my Kits (aka baby rabbit) from a past litter^
If you’d like more info about my rabbitry you can visit my website at or my Instagram @BundlesOfJoyRabbitry
5. If you could do three unique things in your life what would they be?
Be a pilot, Act in a movie, and Investigate the rumors about the Loch Ness Monster.  ;P
6. What is a favorite Bible verse of yours?
Exodus 14:14 
“The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”
7. You write, right?! Can you tell us a little about what your writing or what you have written? 
Yes!  I love writing!  The main genre I write in is Fantasy because with Fantasy there are just endless possibilities.  Right now I’m working on creating two different “universes” – a Children’s universe and a YA Universe.  Which means, all my “children’s books” will be set in the same “realm” and their stores will in one way or another connect — likewise, my YA books will all connect to form one main underlying story and will occur in the same solar system.  So basically, right now I’m doing some serious plotting, outlining, and world-structuring.  Because before I can begin actually writing I have to have everything already planned so that it all flows. 
(…If any of that even makes sense  XD  Its really not the easiest thing to explain)
Anyway, yeah, this is rather an unfortunate predicament though – for a pantser like myself, XD
9. What’s something you’d like to tell the people reading this now?

Are you alive?

Alright fine, that answer should go without being said.  The thing is, everyone living has a life, how that life is lived. . . well, that is up to them.  

How do YOU want to live your life?

Do you want to keep going in this rut of . . . nothingness?  OR do you want your life to have meaning? Want to make a difference in this world?

Do you want to live a life actually worth living?

Because after all, you’ve only got one shot on this earth – there are no restarts, and regrets are easy to come by.
What I’m saying here is, live for God – not yourself.  In the long run, the things you do for God are going to be the only things that matter.  It’s not going to matter how much money you saved up, how many books you published, or what kind of shoes you wore to the party – what’s going to matter is the people you’ve touched and the things you’ve done for Jesus.  All the success and fame in the world will not give you a meaningful life – only Jesus can fill that void. 
So You want a life worth living?
Live for Jesus
Live for others
And live with eternity in mind.  
10. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing the awesome news above! If you had to own either a tarantula, a mouse or a tyrannosaurus rex which would you get? (money no option)
Hands down, I’d choose a T-Rex….because REASONS.  
Oh, come on!! You’re not going to be giving us your reasons???? Thanks so much for doing this interview! It was really fun to come up with questions!
Thank YOU Abby, for interviewing me!  I loved answering your questions!  

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