Random Post!

Hey guys! So to make it easier for you all to understand why this post is so random and late I’ll give you a recap of my day!

Around 9 I took about a 7-mile walk (which was insane)!!! After getting home around 12 I crashed and took a short nap. Since I’m done with school I thought I’d watch a few Studio CΒ videos but for unknown reasons, my computer crashed 8 times (I counted) so we called the “help line” they were very helpful but they couldn’t fix it so now we might have to get a new hard drive put in. So moral to the story…don’t use computers use rocks (jk)!!Β 

I have two pictures to share as well (IΒ had more… 😦



And to make it even more random…For Memorial Day I made a cake that was supposed to look like an American flag on the inside…Let me know in the comments if it does!


Okay, now for an update about Winnie!Β She is now about 31 pounds and growing faster and faster! She’s graduated from sleeping in her cage all night to sleeping in my room with her cage door open so she can lay wherever she wants but she usually likes sleeping in her cage anyway.

She went with us on Memorial Day but got scared when the trumpet player was warming up so we went on a little walk during that part of the service.

Another exciting accomplishment for her is that she went on that 7-mile walk today and wasn’t tired in the least! Also right now I’m working on applying for her to be a Therapy Dog (which surprisingly doesn’t need any training…I mean she does need the basics)!Β 

Also some sad bit of news…if her legs don’t stop growing soon she’ll be top heavy! It’s so cute!!!!! She also just got a new toy…so far it has lost both ears and it’s tail but is still hanging in there!


So guys…that’s all the random news I have to share! See you all Saturday πŸ™‚


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