Break Time!

Hey guys! I’m going on a short break from blogging till I get a more permanent computer…I’ll still comment on other posts and answer any questions you may have I just won’t be able to spend a ton of time on blog posts. I should be back into blogging in a week or two (hopefully)! In the meantime, while I don’t have a computer I’ll be taking pictures to share with you and maybe coming up with new blog ideas…I guess you’ll see!! Though if you have any photography ideas that I should work on let me know in the comments below! 

Oh, by the way, I’m hopefully going to go through all of Winnie’s ruined toys and share with you their short life and what happened…that should be interesting as her one toy lasted……………………………………………….for about 4 hours! 

Okay! That’s the end of this post…see you all soon and enjoy the break from my random ramblings (hehe)!! 

10 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. See you soon, then! 🙂 (Oh my, toys never lasted more than a day or two with our dogs! Especially the squeaky toys – our Goldendoodle was obsessed with those and they lasted a half a day at best.)

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