Top Ten Songs Tag

Hi guys! I have two announcements for you! 1. Winnie lost some of her baby teeth! They are soooo cute! 2. I will be taking a vacation break for three blog posts worth (meaning I won’t be back until July 3rd…hopefully I’ll have some awesome photos to share with you then! Okay let’s get into todays original post 🙂 Hannah tagged me for this really fun and challenging tag that Kassie from Solider Girl Stories made! And just to let you know I’m not one to listen to music though I love listening to the radio…I just never hear the names so I can’t name them all for you!

top ten songs


1. List your top ten songs in answer to the questions
2. Hyperlink the songs if at all possible
3. Tag as many people as you want
4. Feel free to use my graphic or one of your own.
5. Have fun!!


1. What’s a soundtrack song you can’t help but sing along to?

Honestly, if I’ve heard the song a few times before I’ll sing along to it! I really like listening to the radio and hearing so many fun Christain songs!

2. What’s a song you love from a genre you don’t?

I don’t have an answer for this cause I don’t exactly have a genre I don’t like 🙂

3. What’s a song that makes you cry every time, without fail?

Hmm…does Via Delorosa count?!

4. What would be your theme song?

Definitely this song!! Click here to see my theme song!! 😂😂😂😂😂

5. What’s a song tied to a good memory?

Cherish the Moment from Patch the Pirate 

6. If you’re a writer, what song best sums up your main character? If you don’t write…song for your favorite book’s main character?

Maybe Amazing Grace?

7. What’s a song you always play on repeat?

I Can Only Imagine! 

8. What’s the most convicting song you’ve heard?

Dream Small…a blogger shared this with us a while back and I still really enjoy listening to this!

9. What song reminds you most of your childhood?

VeggieTales: Theme Song. We’ve watched every VeggieTales EVER made 😂

10. What’s your favorite song?

The Greatest Story Ever Told by Patch the Pirate 


My nominees: 

Rosy Marr – Rosy’s Writings


Laura G – Beautiful Things


Thanks so much, Kassie for making this tag! It’s super fun and challenging 🙂  


29 thoughts on “Top Ten Songs Tag

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I saw this, and was actually really hoping someone would tag me… So thanks! 😀 I’m excited to do it! I LOVE The Greatest Story ever Told! And everything else by Patch the Pirate!!!! 😀
    Awesome post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Arianna F. and her family are not real. I made it up.Im very sorry. Will God forgive me??? Again I’m very sorry that I lied to you.😥😥😥😥😥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kiara…I do forgive you. And God will forgive you as well as long as you ask him. Please feel free to stick around but be honest about yourself! Every person is special so please don’t try using them. ❤


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