Vacation Pictures

I’m back (for a couple of days)!!! My family went on a summer trip and this post is some of the things we did. Unfortunately, I was busy trying to keep my dog from barking at people that I couldn’t bring my camera with me so you’ll have to live with pictures from iPhones of inferior quality! The first few photos I’m showing you are of some hot air balloons we got to see…no we didn’t go on them as the rides probably cost more than my first car, but either way, they were pretty cool! 


I feel like I look tired…maybe the 4-mile walk in 85 degrees was the reason………..
The one in the middle was HUGE!!! They also loaded it a little too full and they had trouble getting off the ground.
So pretty!
Up there must have some amazing views…but I’m not EVER going up in one……..airplanes are one thing, hot air balloons are ANOTHER!


Another fun but hot walk!
Winnie on alert.
So pretty ❤
I love rainbows…especially the real ones
An amazing sunrise!
One of my sisters took this and didn’t it turn out amazing?!

And that’s it! We mostly played Bananagrams and Ticket to Ride on this trip…which was awesome, and we also took a lot of walks!

Update on Winnie: She is now 36 pounds and continuing to grow! She is really good at being patient and is losing more teeth. Tomorrow she’s going to a picnic with many people so I think it’ll be really good for her! She ate a marshmallow someone dropped on the floor today so she was kinda hyper……which was SO cute! 


Alright, I’ll see you next Wednesday…after that, I shall leave for twoish weeks! 🙂

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