Updates and Pictures!

Welcome back, guys! Life is super busy right now so this post is going to be kinda short. 🙂



First off is the update on how Winnie did on Sunday: She was really good! I mean she barked at a few dogs and when toddlers came up to her she barked a greeting which kinda scared them, thankfully their moms didn’t seem to worry. The picnic weather was perfect for playing in the creek so because Winnie wasn’t into the whole water thing I carried her halfway in and she played a little then. All in all, she did super well and was really tired when we got in the car so she slept pretty much the whole way home.



Secondly a few more pictures from our trip:



Beautiful sky!


I think bridges are so fun!!!
I found out one of Winnie’s favorite things to do! 
I stayed in the position….about 5 seconds!


And that’s it! I’ll be seeing you all in a few weeks! Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures then…and I’ll have another Winnie update (she’s going to be left with friends for a week while we go somewhere)! Also, I think this song would be a great way to sign off from posts! Click here and let me know what you think!

16 thoughts on “Updates and Pictures!

  1. Looks like Winnie is doing great!! Other dogs have always been one of Thunder’s weaknesses but with practice they grow out of it. 😉 And YES! I don’t care what line you use, that entire song would be perfect. (That may be my favorite scene of the movie…that or the “Mother, we have sinned” part with the car parts! 😆)

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  2. Dear Abby, I just found your pictures from (I believe last week) They were really good. I especially like the one with Winnie having his head out the window and the one of you. Talk to you lare, Great work!!

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      1. I just read what I sent to you. You do great work with the pictures. I will keep you in my prayers like I always do. HE will keep you under HIS wing. Lo

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