The Night Archers – Book Review

Hi guys! I’m back!!! Wow, has the Summer been flying by to you or is it just me??! I’ll be sharing some photos of what I’ve been up to…probably in my next post! My posting times are still Wednesday’s and Saturday’s but I will be posting Sunday as I can’t be here on Saturday. Alrighty today I’m back with another fun book review! I’m super excited about this one as The Night Archers was an amazing read and I totally recommend it. Also, there is another book to this series (book 1 The Twin Arrows). It also looks amazing so please go check them both out! 


Isn’t the cover amazing?!


About The Night Archers: A failed test. Ruined crops. Night archers.

The war against the rebels rages, and Riverside’s famous cavalry is called to the King’s aid, leaving behind the women, children, and Gavynn.

Gavynn knows why he was the only man left behind. Every day in the town is a painful reminder. But storms, sickness, and sudden danger threaten his people, forcing him into an unexpected role.

Could his failure be a blessing in disguise?





About the author: Kate Willis (you can find her blog here: has been homeschooled her whole life in a loving family that values the Gospel of Jesus Christ, creativity, and thoughtful conversations. She is inspired by red shoes, a good story, little children, and chai tea. It is her desire to serve God in the home having a family of her own in the future. She is the author of Kiera, The Twin Arrows, and The Treasure Hunt, as well as numerous short stories.


My Review: This book was well written and didn’t leave me with an annoying feeling that often happens when someone adds on to a book and makes a second part. I was able to read it in one sitting so it is a short book…and I don’t usually like short books but this one had so much action packed in it I didn’t mind. Of course, I have a favorite character but I shall not ruin the book for you all! So go check out the book and let me know what you think of it! 


See you you guys next time!

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