Change of Schedule!

Hey guys! The giveaway is going so great…..but I just found I have to go somewhere till sometime Monday…….sooo you won’t know you won till Monday afternoon/evening. I’m super sorry guys, but I want to thank all you awesome people who’ve entered! The giveaway will still go on till Saturday so please if you haven’t entered…….GO DO IT!! Also, I want to wish you all a great Labor day weekend (we don’t really celebrate it but I know some do). 


Just a reminder, I’m going on a trip meaning…..1. I can’t moderate your comments. 2. I also can’t answer any questions you may have. 3. I’ll have pictures to share with you when I get back. 4. You get to be in more suspense longer (also so do I)!!!!! 


See you guys soon!

1 Year Anniversary for Photos by Abby Rose!

Hey guys…..that’s right! Photos by Abby Rose is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary tomorrow!!!! I’m super excited!! So I have so many things to get to so…………..let’s get started!!


First, off I wanted to share all the countries that have visited my site over the year (the number of visits from each country is between brackets)…

United States (6,580), Argentina (368), Mexico (329), Canada (34), China (29), United Kingdom (27), India (18), South Africa (13), Germany (13), Japan (9), Australia (8), Poland (7), Spain (5), Malaysia (4), Russia (4), Philippines (3), Italy (2), Sweden (2), Czech Republic (1), Cameroon (1), Singapore (1), Ecuador (1), European Union (1), France (1), and Brazil (1).  

I thought that was kinda cool….mostly cause I only know people in the US and Mexico!

Next, I wanted to share how many posts, comments, likes, etc…

107 posts, 1,048 comments, average comments per post 17, total likes 556, average likes per post 7, total words 34,666, average words per post 631, views 7,472, visitors 1,334.

Spam comments? I deleted most of my spam comments due to the fact they made no sense and I don’t want to share most of them……to sum it up they basically consisted of “people” telling me how casinos work and how to gamble……..if you think my blog has anything to do with those two topics PLEASE let me know!

I think it’s so cool how I can have all these cool records about the year! 

Now some amazing news for ya’ll………………….


Now that might sound silly for some of you who have 1,000 followers…..and I know I’d have more but I’m super picky and I get rid of followers who have more than 5,000 followers (unless I know them) because I feel like they can’t be very personable with their followers and the blogs they follow. I also get rid of the people I don’t know AT ALL….or just have very inappropriate blogs.  But guys for the ones who do follow me or read my blog I’m extremely appreciative of you! I’m so thankful to have such an awesome following!!

I also want to thank two of the most amazing followers who’ve been with me the WHOLE year! Laura – Beautiful Things & Julia – Lit Aflame. You’ve both been dedicated followers and have really encouraged me along the way! Thank you both so much!!!


And now………….what I’ve been super excited to share with you……………














A Giveaway!!!!!!

This giveaway is small mostly cause I haven’t struck that gold mine yet……..but please enter!!!! Only if you are out of the U.S. please don’t enter because I currently can’t afford the shipping to other countries (but hopefully next year I can open it up to everyone)! Anyways check out the giveaway below and enter!

The giveaway involves A blue notebook, 2 packs of stickers, a six-pack of gel pens, an owl magnet, annnddd a 10 dollar amazon gift card (note: the gift card will be digital)!


Click here for the Rafflecopter link

I’ll be announcing the winner on Saturday (August 31)!!! So please enter between now and then! 


Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 3

Hey guys! So Ezra from Ezra’s Everything Spot nominated me again for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I’m super excited to answer these questions so let’s get started! Also please read to the end of this post for a very special announcement!!!!



1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo

2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you

3. Answer the 11 questions given to you

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions


Ezra’s questions (his questions are in bold): 

  1. What’s your favorite thing to do? Probably making some wood project or cooking!
  2. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Hmm…I think Ireland or Paris would be really cool!
  3. What’s your favorite subject? I’d have to say History (though music would be my first pick……someone told me it isn’t a “subject”!
  4. Can you speak a foreign language? I can do sign-language….sorta! So no I can’t speak ANY FOREIGN language.
  5. If you could have 3 superpowers what would they be? Flying, invisibility, and the power to be able to speak any language (including dog language)!
  6. How long can you hold your breath? 58.30…SO close! (I just tested myself and I couldn’t believe myself guys)! What about you guys?!
  7. Do you think it is necessary for schools to teach cursive? I think they should teach kids to be able to read it at least! I know how to read it and how to sign my name…beyond that point…….uhhhhhh!
  8. What’s your favorite book in the bible? I know this sounds cliche but I really enjoy Psalms and Proverbs.
  9. What’s the longest you’ve ridden in a car without stopping? About ten hours 🙂
  10. What’s your favorite method of travel (car, plane, train, bus, etc.)? Plane….but I’ll take car rides as well! 
  11. What’s your favorite continent (besides where you live)? Probably either Europe or Australia! 


My Nominees:

Soldier Girl Stories


Life Without a Latte

Lit Aflame

A Storynerd’s Life

And anyone else who wants to do the tag! 

My questions for ya’ll:

  1. What’s your life verse?
  2. What’s something you would want to be remembered by?
  3. Do you prefer soda, coffee, or tea (water is a given)?
  4. Are you allergic to anything?
  5. Who is your favorite movie producer & also a favorite movie?
  6. What song applies to your life?
  7. Swimming or skating?
  8. Are you a morning person or a more of a night person?
  9. What’s the best way to start a day in your opinion?
  10. Have you ever climbed a tree…if so what was the last time?
  11. Would you rather give gifts or get gifts?


Special announcement…… Wednesday (28th) I will be posting something REALLY important so make sure you check that post out……..

See you guys soon!

Happy Birthday!


Hey guys! So my mom’s birthday was recently… I want to give a shout out to her for not being only the most amazing mother but also for keeping our lives together when we are all acting crazy! She can multi-task more than anyone I know……I mean how does one person: work (with my dad), homeschool, clean, make food, keep ahead of the bills, AND stay sane the whole time! Aren’t moms great??!!!!

This post is of the flowers she received and the icecream cake I made for her. So……let’s get started!





The flowers my family got her!
SO pretty!!
My grandma gets my mom roses every year for her birthday!


*sigh* I love the way roses look!


Aren’t they so cool!?
Heath ice cream cake – the border is heath candy bars and the 49! is made of kit-kats.


Winnie just got a Therapy Dog vest and it looks great on her! We’re now working on her not barking and behaving better when were out.




God’s Amazing World!

Hey guys! By the way…I’m posting this on Friday because I won’t be around tomorrow morning to post it.

So my older sister “stole” my camera a while ago and took some AMAZING pictures! So to “get back at her” I’m using them as a blog post (note: my sister is fine with this).

Pete – the butterfly
My “pet” bee
Pete’s twin brother Peter
So majestic!
I love how she captured the butterfly!
So poky!
Ahhhh I’m so jealous this isn’t my photo!
Anyone else thinks my sister should be a photographer?

Alright, people……storytime! So Winnie has this obsession with chickens/guineas….she LOVES to chase them! A few days ago Winnie was outside and she ran after the guineas chasing them EVERYWHERE! My dad was able to catch her and discipline her but because I was calling her to come he let her go to come to me…..and guess what?! She ran back after the guineas and because she still is a puppy she fell into the creek getting covered in mud and spring water (right before friends were going to come over). So my dad and I had to hose her off. Thankfully my older sister grabbed my camera and got a hilarious picture of her “bath”.



Also, I was cleaning up our kitchen and I heard this huge racket…….wanna know what happens when your little sis decides to pretend the puppy’s a horse and “practice” brushing it!


Alright!! See you soon!!!

Book Worm Writer Tag!

Hey guys! Keziah from Keziah E. nominated me for the Book Worm Writer Tag (which I’m super excited about guys)!! So I don’t think there are any rules for this tag which is awesome! Let’s get started!

book worm image

1. If you were to read one book,(aside from the Holy Bible) and only that book for the rest of your life, what book would that be? (I know that sounds terrible but it does make you think). Hmm….this is an extremely tough question…..I’d have to choose Resistance by Jaye L. Knight. It’s a really amazing book and the writing is awesome!

2. If you had the choice of either writing a mystery or a fantasy novel, which would you choose? Definitely mystery! I like fantasy but sometimes I just want something “real”.

3. What is the worst or most annoying cliche you have come across in all your book reading? When the writer uses “she said, he said, they said” and when they throw a bunch of random bible verses in that don’t really have any real meaning in them.

4. Why do you like reading? Because when you read you can open up areas in your life… also can help your imagination soar!

5. Top 3 favorite authors, …go! Jaye L. Knight, Laura Guenot, and Ronie Kendig

6. If given only two places to read your choice book, one being under a large tree with soft grass to sit on and two being in a hayloft, which would you choose? Definitely not a hayloft as I would be sneezing non-stop so I think I’d choose the large tree and soft grass!

7. On average, how many books do you read in a month? Depending on the business of the month but on average I can read up to 15 full-length novels 🙂

8. As a writer, you have experienced writing struggles. What do you think is the biggest challenge you have ever come across when crafting your pieces? Ok, so honestly I’m not a writer and probably I never could be one: 1. My grammer… lacks grammerness, and 2. When I do write (if you haven’t noticed) I write how I would usually speak out loud.

9. What is your biggest goal as a writer, meaning, what do you hope to accomplish later in your writing adventures? I guess I would hope to accomplish how to write better and know how to open up my imagination for writing! 

10. Finally, what type of book do you feel you must write? The quote by Beverly Cleary, ”If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.” is the inspiration to this question. In other words, what book do you not see on the shelf? I guess what I would love to “write” would be a book that has morals, action/adventure, and still flows and keeps your attention!


That was amazing! And now I nominate:

Beautiful Things

Rosy’s Writings


Thanks again, Keziah! See you all soon!

Lesson’s Learned…….

Hey guys! Since the Summer is over I thought I’d do a summary of what I’ve learned this year.


  1. Being patient…this summer I was super challenged to be kind and patient with those I don’t get along with.
  2. Don’t let losing or pain take over your emotions. I know people say to share your feelings to others but I let a loss in a game and a sore leg take over my emotions so I had an emotional breakdown at a camp this year.
  3. I learned that I love teaching little kids because they don’t mind when the only game you can think of is duck, duck, goose! 
  4. I learned that NEVER put your glasses on top of your head and then drop them between a door and get them smashed….ugh! I just got new ones thankfully 🙂
  5. I learned that I have the most amazing parents and siblings.
  6. I realized that I don’t like impromptu singing gigs….and that I need to learn to like them cause they happen a lot!
  7. To not let huge messes bring down your attitude cause it usually isn’t that hard to clean up. 
  8. And one more (I don’t like stopping on uneven numbers), I learned that some circumstances might not be the best but I need to keep a good attitude through it all!

I really love doing summary’s cause they help me get my thoughts together so bear with me through them all! Also if you would like a more detailed camp story let me know in the comments and I’ll post about it sometime!

Okay…on to more important topic(s) hehe. So a while ago Anna from  A Story Nerds Life did a post about “A Peek Into Our AFHE GenRising Prep”. And guys I have no idea what brought this comment up but in the end, we talked about the time I blew on ice cream cause I thought it was soup…..(yes I’m weird, don’t question me). Anywho Anna made this awesome rhyme up and I knew I needed to use it in a blog post.

“I blew on my ice cream for I thought it was what it was not, my brain knew the truth but my muscles forgot”


Thanks, Anna…..I think that’s gonna be my new go-to saying!

Alrighty, see you guys soon! 

Amazing Weather & Amazing Siblings!

Hey guys! So recently my brother came home to visit…..and we had a blast! We played Ticket to Ride, we swam, we took walks, and watched tons of fun movies (guys check out Relative Race, it’s AMAZING)!! I have a few pictures that we took this week…..

Swimming with dad and siblings (yes….if you didn’t realize before, I’m not really normal)!
Taking a looonnggg walk!
Making shish kabob’s with my dad
Our mom made this delicious healthy dinner!

And that’s the end of the fun week we had 😦 We’re all looking forward to seeing and visiting with him again!! 


Update on Winnie: She’s pretty much the same since I last gave an update but she did cut her leg and it doesn’t seem to be healing very well… I wrapped it with some cream and gauze and surprisingly she didn’t chew it off. She was pretty patient with it though she didn’t like walking thankfully she got used to it after a while.  


Okay, see you guys soon 🙂


Photos, Videos, and Updates!

Hey guys! So this past week was super hectic and I don’t have a ton of photos from it…but I do have a video to share with you! I went to a Theatre Camp that was super fun and also super challenging in some ways……the video link here is “The Vessel with the Pestle” based on the movie “The Court Jester” and adapted by our director. I played Jean in it and the others in it are a few of my acting friends. I also just want to thank Natalie, Daniel, Tobin, and Nathan for all the hard work they put into this short skit! I really enjoyed working with you all 🙂

I was also in “Shall We Join the Ladies?” and Chattanooga Choo-Choo both went super well! 

The costume for Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Also, I want to thank Mrs. S for taking amazing headshots of us all!



Also on Wednesday, we had this BEAUTIFUL sunset that I just had to share! 


Update on Winnie: She’s about 40 pounds and super smart! She is learning how to stay even while being distracted and we are thinking about taking her into stores that allow dogs so she can get her training in. We’ve also set up her spay appointment where she’ll also get her back two dewclaws removed and she’ll get chipped. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost a fortune to get that all done so I’ve been trying to save and work more!  


Okay, guys! See you all on Wednesday 🙂