Photos, Videos, and Updates!

Hey guys! So this past week was super hectic and I don’t have a ton of photos from it…but I do have a video to share with you! I went to a Theatre Camp that was super fun and also super challenging in some ways……the video link here is “The Vessel with the Pestle” based on the movie “The Court Jester” and adapted by our director. I played Jean in it and the others in it are a few of my acting friends. I also just want to thank Natalie, Daniel, Tobin, and Nathan for all the hard work they put into this short skit! I really enjoyed working with you all 🙂

I was also in “Shall We Join the Ladies?” and Chattanooga Choo-Choo both went super well! 

The costume for Chattanooga Choo-Choo

Also, I want to thank Mrs. S for taking amazing headshots of us all!



Also on Wednesday, we had this BEAUTIFUL sunset that I just had to share! 


Update on Winnie: She’s about 40 pounds and super smart! She is learning how to stay even while being distracted and we are thinking about taking her into stores that allow dogs so she can get her training in. We’ve also set up her spay appointment where she’ll also get her back two dewclaws removed and she’ll get chipped. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost a fortune to get that all done so I’ve been trying to save and work more!  


Okay, guys! See you all on Wednesday 🙂

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