Book Worm Writer Tag!

Hey guys! Keziah from Keziah E. nominated me for the Book Worm Writer Tag (which I’m super excited about guys)!! So I don’t think there are any rules for this tag which is awesome! Let’s get started!

book worm image

1. If you were to read one book,(aside from the Holy Bible) and only that book for the rest of your life, what book would that be? (I know that sounds terrible but it does make you think). Hmm….this is an extremely tough question…..I’d have to choose Resistance by Jaye L. Knight. It’s a really amazing book and the writing is awesome!

2. If you had the choice of either writing a mystery or a fantasy novel, which would you choose? Definitely mystery! I like fantasy but sometimes I just want something “real”.

3. What is the worst or most annoying cliche you have come across in all your book reading? When the writer uses “she said, he said, they said” and when they throw a bunch of random bible verses in that don’t really have any real meaning in them.

4. Why do you like reading? Because when you read you can open up areas in your life… also can help your imagination soar!

5. Top 3 favorite authors, …go! Jaye L. Knight, Laura Guenot, and Ronie Kendig

6. If given only two places to read your choice book, one being under a large tree with soft grass to sit on and two being in a hayloft, which would you choose? Definitely not a hayloft as I would be sneezing non-stop so I think I’d choose the large tree and soft grass!

7. On average, how many books do you read in a month? Depending on the business of the month but on average I can read up to 15 full-length novels 🙂

8. As a writer, you have experienced writing struggles. What do you think is the biggest challenge you have ever come across when crafting your pieces? Ok, so honestly I’m not a writer and probably I never could be one: 1. My grammer… lacks grammerness, and 2. When I do write (if you haven’t noticed) I write how I would usually speak out loud.

9. What is your biggest goal as a writer, meaning, what do you hope to accomplish later in your writing adventures? I guess I would hope to accomplish how to write better and know how to open up my imagination for writing! 

10. Finally, what type of book do you feel you must write? The quote by Beverly Cleary, ”If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.” is the inspiration to this question. In other words, what book do you not see on the shelf? I guess what I would love to “write” would be a book that has morals, action/adventure, and still flows and keeps your attention!


That was amazing! And now I nominate:

Beautiful Things

Rosy’s Writings


Thanks again, Keziah! See you all soon!

12 thoughts on “Book Worm Writer Tag!

  1. “1. My grammer… lacks grammerness”
    It…lacks grammarness? X’D I am positively going to use this sentence at one point in my life XD XD
    But seriously, being good at grammar honestly has nothing to do with whether you should be a writer or not…after all, that’s what an editor is for! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I just don’t write well….coming up with stories and getting them out of my mind is the problem. I also don’t have the patience for writing! It drives me crazy!! 🙂


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