Nature, Dogs, Kittens, and A Special Blog Shout Out!

Hey guys!! This week has been flying by! Today is a few random photos I’ve been taking annnd I would like you guys to tell me which you think is your favorite and why!


Where we walk there is this HUGE soybean field!
Ahhh fall!!!
Our first frost…a cold morning at 7am
Beautiful fall leaves


Next up are some animal pictures!

Winnie has all these odd car positions!
Rascal…our barn cat (Ella in the background)
Cuddles the littlest and cutest cat you’ll meet but won’t come near me!
Remy (the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet)!


Annnd one more photo I want to ask your opinion on…I’m going to enter this picture into a contest but I need to know if there is something I should change?

Processed with VSCO with fn16 preset


One last thing…if you haven’t already. Head over to Ezra’s Everything not only is he an amazing writer, musician, graphic designer, and Christain. He’s an amazing blogger and I really enjoy reading his awesome blog posts he comes up with! Here’s one of his amazing designs he’s made to share with you all and if your reading this post and DO NOT check out his blog severe consequences will happen to you!😂😂😂



See you guys soon! 

Greater Love

Recently I’ve been compelled to do this post…which I think really applies to my life and maybe yours.


There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

Have we ever thought about what that verse meant? I help out at a kids club and the teacher was saying that we look at that verse and think “of course, I’d lay down my life…why are you even asking me that silly question”. I’d like to think that most of us would lay down our lives for our siblings, family, and friends. But I’d like to ask you…would you lay down your life for that person who is SO annoying and you just really dislike him/her? Would you lay down your life for the one person that you just can’t love? 


And if you’re like me…of course you wouldn’t…right? 

I have people I don’t exactly like and sometimes I just feel like throwing them out the window when they get super annoying………you know the feeling when you meet them in the hallway and you’re just seething on the inside out of spite for some of the smallest things they might have done to you.


John 15:13 I think, really tells us all we need to know. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”


In that verse, it talks about laying down our lives for our friends…but didn’t Jesus lay down His life for people who hated him so much they wanted to have nothing to do with Him. Jesus went through so much pain…why? 


Because he loves us…all of us! Even the person that annoys you every time you see them…because in God’s eyes…we’re sinners and we need His forgiveness and His love! Without love…we’re nothing!

1 Corinthians 13 says, Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.


So I want to ask you, next time you see that person that just tikes you off…remember to be patient, be kind, and most of all remember that love endures all things!

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”


Sorry if that post was thrown together and a little off subject sometimes!

Sunrises, Sunsets & more!

Hey guys! So my family recently went on a trip and I wanted to share some of the amazing photos that I was able to take. Most of them are based around a photo-shoot I was doing for someone’s senior pictures but then there are a few just thrown in cause I thought they were pretty cool! I’ll be explaining what some of the pictures remind me of along the way!

So…let’s get started!



The Music Tag…and a Quick Reminder!

Hey guys! First off before I begin this post I just want to ask you all…how should I begin my posts? What should be my catchphrase? Let me know in the comments below!

Now to begin with the fun post! Rosy Marr tagged me for the Music Tag and even though it looks really cool I’ll have to admit I don’t listen to much music on my computer (mostly the radio) so this is going to be a really odd but fun post as I find out what my playlist would play…note none of the songs are weird just maybe not my style of music! Soooo let’s get started!


  1. Write ten songs that come on shuffle (no skipping).
  2. Write your favorite lyric from each song.
  3. Tag some people.


  1. Second Guess Girl by Sara Groves. Odd name but actually a pretty song! I never heard of it before but after reviewing the lyrics and hearing the song a few times I thought it was a pretty cool song! My favorite lyric…I really couldn’t find one that stuck out (sorry Rosy)!
  2. My Jesus Fair by Galkin Evangelistic Team. This is actually a song I’ve heard before and really like! My favorite lyrics would be:  My Jesus, meek, was scorned by men By men in blasphemy “Father, forgive their senseless sin! “He prayed, for them, for me. I like that it mentions that even though Jesus was being scorned by men around Him, he still forgave them…and me!
  3. What Is This Grace by Sight and Sound (Samson). I couldn’t find a link to this song but it’s BEAUTIFUL! If you haven’t heard it you gotta go check out Sight and Sound’s page! My favorite lyrics from that would be: What is this grace given me?
    What is this mercy? Can it be? What is this love with no demands, Poured on my thirsty soul by healing hands?
  4. Big Enough by the Clark Family. I’ve heard this song several times and it’s pretty cool! This song is super inspiring…here’s the lyrics I picked out: So when it seems it can’t be done – I know God is big enough – I can run the race I’m called to run – Cause I know God is big enough – He’ll finish everything He starts – He’ll meet us right here where we are – And I can feel faith rising up – Cause I know God is big enough
  5. This Day by Point of Grace. I’ve never heard this song before but it really pretty! My favorite lyrics would be: This day is frail – it will pass by So before it’s too late to recapture the time. 
  6. He is Exalted by Glad – A Cappella Worship. This is a beautiful song! I’ve heard it many times…my favorite lyrics are: He is exalted, forever exalted And I will praise His name….
  7. Always the Same by the Hamilton Family. This song is amazing! I love listening to it over and over! My favorite lyrics would be: He’s always the same….
  8. By Faith – Galkin Evangelistic Team. This might be one of my favorite songs ever!! I loveeee listening to this one! My favorite lyric is: By faith we see the hand of God In the light of creation’s grand design In the lives of those who prove His faithfulness Who walk by faith and not by sight.
  9. Stay the Course – Megan Hamilton. This song is amazing! When I found it I couldn’t stop listening to it…I was shocked to find it on my playlist! My favorite lyrics: Jesus, You are the highest and best, I’ll follow You forsaking the rest. I’ll stay the course, no matter the test.
  10. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – BYU Noteworthy. I really haven’t listened to this version a lot but it is really pretty! And my favorite lyrics…I can’t with a good conscience find a favorite lyric! 


This was probably the most difficult tag EVER!! But I loved every minute of it! 

Annd I’d like to tag: 

Laura- Beautiful Things

Callie – An Unfinished Story

Ezra – Ezra’s Everything Spot! 


Also, Victoria over at Victoria Lynn’s Blog is wrapping up this cool 3-day fall posts! It includes a giveaway so please make sure to stop over at her blog and check it all out 🙂


Have a great week guys!

My Story…

So this post is different from what you’d usually see here but I wanted to share some of my background and what are some areas I’m working on in my life. Also, I’ve changed my posting schedule back to Wednesday’s and Saturdays…we’ll see how that goes!

So a while back my family went through some tougher things and I started doubting some things in my life…I was confused, hurt, and pretty lonely. So being the kind of person who wants to “fix it myself” I turned away from my family and friends and turned to the internet (this was before my blog). Now just to be clear the internet is an amazing place but it’s also super powerful and messed up.

Instead of talking things out with my parents I “tried” to talk things out with strangers…now that was totally the wrong thing to do!

Not only were these strangers NOT Christians they also were NOT the best influence on me. Quicker and quicker I found it easier to lie to my parents, friends, and….God.

I thought these “people” were right and my parents and the Bible had to be wrong. Instead of things getting less confusing in my mind, they got worse and worse…I felt like a ticking bomb that would eventually explode into a million pieces. I had built lie after lie and it was killing me!

After a few months I finally “exploded”. I told my mom what was going on and all she did was…help me. She didn’t yell and lock me in my room and ban me from the internet…instead she hugged me. And boy did that help!

Fast forward a few years…I’m not perfect, I still try to hide my personal feelings…but when times get rough I know I have family, friends, and a Daddy up in heaven watching over me.

I know that when I mess up my parents still love and forgive me. And best of all, I know that I have a Father up in heaven watching over an imperfect girl named Abby, loving me and protecting me every SINGLE DAY!

Why am I telling you this?

  1. Because I want too😀
  2. Because I need too
  3. And because I want you to stop and check, Am I keeping myself safe when I’m online”?

I don’t want to scare you…I want you to beware that the world is one weird messed up place and we need to be careful about what we share and do online!

And I’ll leave you with this…go through your followers, commenters, or anyone you talk to online. Ask yourself…do I know them? How do I know them? Trust me…you might surprise yourself 🙃

Fall Foods & Recipes

Hey, guys! Yes, this post is a day early but I’m super excited for this post!! Anyways this summer/fall I’ve been really into making some newer foods! Soooo to change things up I’m going to be listing the foods I’ve been making and their recipes with them! 

First off we have (click for link) Chicken and Dumplings. Though warning this recipe is kinda addicting! I usually double my dumplings recipe for a more hearty soup but if you have enough chicken around you can skip the extra dumplings! 

This is not my own picture but I keep forgetting to take a picture of my own!


Next up is (click for link) Cajun Chicken Pasta, first off I just want to say it wouldn’t be my first choice of food as I think it was a little too salty and kinda bland but it was a school project! Instead of using white wine* I used half vinegar half water. And because my family isn’t a huge cooked tomato fan I left them out. 


Here’s the result of my efforts!



Next up is (click for link) chewy, warm homemade donuts! I’ve been trying to make some sort of breakfast type thing for our busy Monday’s so Sunday night my dad and I (try to) make donuts! The first time I coated them with just plain sugar but the most recent time I put sugar and cinnamon on them. Hopefully, I can be brave sometime and put a glaze on it or something!


Some are crisper than others but that’s the beauty in them!


Next up homemade pickles…ever since I was little I’ve really loved pickles! I mostly love dill but this year I made only bread and butter as they were out of the dill packets at the store. 😂 My dad and I made the first two batches together and then I made two by myself and another batch with my grandfather (who is the pickle master). They turned out really well and have a great crunch to them! I don’t want to give away any secrets (mostly as I don’t remember the company’s packet logo) so I shall keep all the fun facts to myself (mainly just follow the recipe)! Here are two pictures of that…



Next up is Challah bread it was for a school project but I really like how it turned out! I don’t have a recipe for this either but I’m pretty sure you can find one online easily! It was super fun and a blast to braid…even though I had trouble braiding it and my sister finally told me I was doing a dutch braid…who knew I had such talent!! 

This is my sister’s bread…as we forgot to take a picture of mine!


Annd next up is marshmallows!!! My sister and I made them for school and they turned out really well! They were yummy and chewy…we put a bit to much powdered sugar on them but after a little brushing they were super delicious! 



Next up, is homemade bread. Guy’s this AMAZING!!! It’s oddly called (click for link) THE BEST Homemade Bread! This bread is chewy, easy, fun, and a great excuse to warm the house up! This bread is probably my go-to recipe from now on…it’s so simple and cheap! I wasn’t able to get a picture of the bread I made so this one will have to do!



Next up is Blueberry Bagels. These were so simple and turned out awesome!! They worked well even when I used frozen blueberries…I was a bit concerned they wouldn’t rise because of the cold but they did well! They’re not supposed to rise a ton but instead, they turned out to do this fluffy thing that I have no technical word for! Yes, this photo isn’t mine but mine were oddly similar to it (first time ever)!!!



And last but not least…Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. I made this cake for my dad’s birthday and I learned a few things from it…first, don’t rush to make something that cool and second DON’T under any circumstances think it’s a good idea to put whipped cream on a cake that’s still warm. Not only did it make it soggy it also gave it this weird milk flavor and took away from the beauty of the cake. I was able to take a picture of it before I put the whipped cream on, thankfully!



Annd that’s the end of this post! I really enjoyed making it and if you didn’t leave hungry, I have failed my job!

See you guys next week!




Food Award!

Hey guys! Ezra from Ezra’s Everything Spot nominated me for the Food Award! I’m super excited as I think this is an award pretty much everyone relates to (and if you don’t please talk to me in the comments)! 




1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2. Pingback to the creator, Elisha

3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.

4. Answer the five questions.

5. Create five questions about food.

6. Nominate five people.


Ezra’s questions (questions from Ezra are in bold):

  1. What’s your favorite dessert? This is a super hard question…I’d have to say probably have to say ice cream cake! Or anything icecream actually 
  2. Mexican food or Italian food? Italian food definitely as the last time I ate Mexican I got super sick 😦
  3. Bacon or sausage? Definitely bacon…I have a friend who likes bacon covered cheesecake! Bacon is definitely my favorite!
  4. What’s your favorite breakfast food? Soooo I don’t really eat breakfast but if I did it would be bacon and pancakes!
  5. Is there a food that you want to try, but never have? Sooo I can’t really think of one…I’ve eaten a lot of different foods so I honestly don’t know!

Wow, good questions Ezra! Thanks again!


My nominees are:

  1. Pearl
  2. Hannah Gaudette
  3. Lucy
  4. Julia @ Lit Aflame
  5. Rosy Marr


And my questions for you guys: 

  1. What’s one food you’ll never eat again in your whole life.
  2. What’s a food you make often that you really enjoy?
  3. Do you have a recipe that you can make right off the top of your head?
  4. What’s your opinion between hot & cold foods?
  5. Would you rather eat gold-lined pizza or regular pizza? 🙂


This was a super fun post everyone! My next post is actually based on all the fall foods I’ve been making recently so this went right with that!! See you all next week 🙂