Fall Foods & Recipes

Hey, guys! Yes, this post is a day early but I’m super excited for this post!! Anyways this summer/fall I’ve been really into making some newer foods! Soooo to change things up I’m going to be listing the foods I’ve been making and their recipes with them! 

First off we have (click for link) Chicken and Dumplings. Though warning this recipe is kinda addicting! I usually double my dumplings recipe for a more hearty soup but if you have enough chicken around you can skip the extra dumplings! 

This is not my own picture but I keep forgetting to take a picture of my own!


Next up is (click for link) Cajun Chicken Pasta, first off I just want to say it wouldn’t be my first choice of food as I think it was a little too salty and kinda bland but it was a school project! Instead of using white wine* I used half vinegar half water. And because my family isn’t a huge cooked tomato fan I left them out. 


Here’s the result of my efforts!



Next up is (click for link) chewy, warm homemade donuts! I’ve been trying to make some sort of breakfast type thing for our busy Monday’s so Sunday night my dad and I (try to) make donuts! The first time I coated them with just plain sugar but the most recent time I put sugar and cinnamon on them. Hopefully, I can be brave sometime and put a glaze on it or something!


Some are crisper than others but that’s the beauty in them!


Next up homemade pickles…ever since I was little I’ve really loved pickles! I mostly love dill but this year I made only bread and butter as they were out of the dill packets at the store. 😂 My dad and I made the first two batches together and then I made two by myself and another batch with my grandfather (who is the pickle master). They turned out really well and have a great crunch to them! I don’t want to give away any secrets (mostly as I don’t remember the company’s packet logo) so I shall keep all the fun facts to myself (mainly just follow the recipe)! Here are two pictures of that…



Next up is Challah bread it was for a school project but I really like how it turned out! I don’t have a recipe for this either but I’m pretty sure you can find one online easily! It was super fun and a blast to braid…even though I had trouble braiding it and my sister finally told me I was doing a dutch braid…who knew I had such talent!! 

This is my sister’s bread…as we forgot to take a picture of mine!


Annd next up is marshmallows!!! My sister and I made them for school and they turned out really well! They were yummy and chewy…we put a bit to much powdered sugar on them but after a little brushing they were super delicious! 



Next up, is homemade bread. Guy’s this AMAZING!!! It’s oddly called (click for link) THE BEST Homemade Bread! This bread is chewy, easy, fun, and a great excuse to warm the house up! This bread is probably my go-to recipe from now on…it’s so simple and cheap! I wasn’t able to get a picture of the bread I made so this one will have to do!



Next up is Blueberry Bagels. These were so simple and turned out awesome!! They worked well even when I used frozen blueberries…I was a bit concerned they wouldn’t rise because of the cold but they did well! They’re not supposed to rise a ton but instead, they turned out to do this fluffy thing that I have no technical word for! Yes, this photo isn’t mine but mine were oddly similar to it (first time ever)!!!



And last but not least…Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. I made this cake for my dad’s birthday and I learned a few things from it…first, don’t rush to make something that cool and second DON’T under any circumstances think it’s a good idea to put whipped cream on a cake that’s still warm. Not only did it make it soggy it also gave it this weird milk flavor and took away from the beauty of the cake. I was able to take a picture of it before I put the whipped cream on, thankfully!



Annd that’s the end of this post! I really enjoyed making it and if you didn’t leave hungry, I have failed my job!

See you guys next week!




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