Doggy Updates!!

Hey guys! Welcome to yet another dog post! I know this post is super late but life just got away from me today! I don’t want to prolong you from all the cuteness you’re going to witness below….so let’s get right into the post! 

This first picture is a favorite of mine…there’s Tirzah, Winnie, and waaayyy in the back is Remy! I’ll be doing more separate photos of them and giving you an update more about them personally!


Winnie: She has now hit the 9-month mark and is still the insane puppy we got 7ish months ago! She is now fully healed from her operations and has made my bed her official bed…and makes it known by taking up 75% of the room! Another big goal for her is she hasn’t visited the vet office for a WHOLE month! I’m so proud of my little sweetie!! Also, we learned how incredibly smart she is by giving her obstacles to get through to have to find her toys! 


Tirzah: Does the first picture make her look grumpy? Anyways I think they both capture her attitude…the first one was taken when her favorite person was hunting and didn’t say good morning to her. The second was taken while she was looking for her “best friend”. Her friend (a cat named blizzard) is actually not with us anymore as he passed away while we were gone with Tirzah for a week. It’s been maybe 3-4 years and she still tries to look for him.

Annnd the most exciting update about Tirzah is she has finally gone from her insane weight of 80 to the vet recommended weight of 68!!!! It took months of patience and many walks but she now is so much happier! Also, the other super exciting news is my not so baby Tirzah has turned 7!!!! How did this happen???!!



Remy: She is a English Settler that I walk and is insanely fast! She’s such a sweetie and plays so well with Winnie and Tirzah! Below is a picture of her and Winnie right before bedtime….

Annnd that’s the end of this doggy post! Also, head over to Cassia Elisabeth- Lifestyle Blogger blog and check out the amazing giveaway she’s having!!

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