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Hello everyone! I’m so excited to announce the release of The Wedding by Olivia Lynn Jarmusch!!! When we first found the book The Coronation we couldn’t believe how well the plot flowed and how excited we were for the next book. When the book The Rebellion came out, we literally squealed with excitement! 

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Now Olivia Lynn Jarmusch has out book 3 to her series The Tales of Tarsurella – The Wedding!!! 

The Wedding Single

About the Book: 

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“Vanessa Bennett is living in a real-life fairytale. Now that she’s engaged to the man of her dreams, The Palace Staff is consumed with wedding preparation. The upcoming event is no small affair, as Vanessa is bombarded with hundreds of decisions she needs to make before the wedding date arrives. Amidst the endless details concerning dresses, decorations, and napkins, a greater question looms: is Vanessa truly ready to become Queen? As tensions rise within Tarsurella, the role of joining her betrothed in governing an ever-shifting nation is no small task. Will she crack under the pressure? Meanwhile, Jane Akerly is hoping to awaken from a nightmare. Her father has been missing for months. Advised to accept the harsh reality that he may never return, Jane isn’t ready to give up. She finds comfort in the one place she’s always run to for escape–her daydreams. Her imagination has the power to carry her across the ocean, stroll the streets of London, and imagine that all is well. In an unexpected turn of events, Jane is given the opportunity to create the future of her dreams–but will her pen be enough to save her? The Wedding is Book #3 in The Tales of Tarsurella Series.”


My Review: The Wedding is filled with sweet moments and sad moments…but the whole this is written so well to mash them together in the most AMAZING way! I loved how Oliva made the characters come to life in the coolest way! 

In a way, The Wedding was very different from Oliva’s other two books in The Tale of Tarsurella…but I enjoyed the nice pace and the more normal, less chaotic version of the sisters and her brothers.  Though I would definitely recommend you read the first two books in the series, otherwise you’ll be a little confused! 

I would rate her book 5 stars and readable for almost any age (if your parents agree to it, of course)! So while the book is still fresh and out there, go read it!!


And we can’t forget about the awesome giveaway!!

GIVEAWAY INFO: The Wedding and all of Livy’s books are included in The Great Review Race, a Multi-Author Monthly Giveaway.  November Winner will receive a $30 Amazon gift card! 

Update: here’s a link that will will work.


Author Info: 

Livy Jarmusch 

YA Christian Fiction Author of The Tales of Tarsurella and Regal Hearts

Website. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Good Reads.

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Book Tour Schedule


1 Victoria Lynn – Behind the Scenes interview with Livy

2 Merie Shen – Written Interview with Livy

3 Sarah – Written Interview with Livy

4 Theresa – Written Interview with Livy

5 Maddie – Review of The Wedding

6 Medomfo Owusa – Written Interview with Livy

7 Loretta Marchize – Review of The Rebellion

8 Esther – Written Interview with Livy

9 Live Party! Time TBD

Alyssa Hup – BTS video interview with Livy

20 Abigail Mckenna – Review of the Wedding

21 Victoria Lynn – BTS of Cover Design for The Wedding

22 Abigail Harris – BTS Interview with Livy

23 Abby Rose – Review of The Wedding

24 Katja l – Review of The Coronation

25 Abigail Harder – Review of The Wedding


27 Michaela Bush – Guest Post by Livy

28 Katja L. –  Review of The Rebellion

29 Katja L. Review of The Wedding

30 Laura G. – Review of the Wedding


Have you read the book before? If not are you going to check it out now? Let me know in the comments!

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