Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can’t believe tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! It seems kinda insane! My grandma asked me to write down the top 10 things I’m grateful for:


My Family – for my loving parents, siblings, and grandparents…they’re so generous and sweet! 

My Puppies – Winnie for sleeping every night with me and Tirzah for letting me wrestle with her!

Holidays – I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas…the food and the joy everyone has!! 

Acting – Something I wish I could go pro at but unfortunately life is taking me in another direction.

Friends – I never really had a “best friend”. I try not to make favorites because then it’s hard to stay “besties” with everyone!

Wood projects/sewing – Yes, they are totally different but so fun!

Fuzzy blankets – must I explain?

Food – with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’m definitely thinking about the yummy food being prepared!  

Books – it’s hard to find “good” books to read so when I find an awesome one it’s hard to stop reading! 

Singing/songs – I love singing! And it goes so well with acting!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention God, Jesus, or the Bible…well because I feel like that God, Jesus, and the Bible are so self-explanatory that mentioning them doesn’t make a ton of sense! 


I was going to post this earlier this week to give you guys a chance to make them but I didn’t get around to it so here’s a really cool place marker I found online that is so easy and smells amazing! LINK HERE!

All you need is wood, googly eyes, craft paper, washi tape, and wire! And if you don’t have eyes or washi tape you can easily make eyes with a marker and use craft paper to make the feathers!


I added name tags to the turkey’s to identify the person(s) place!

Here’s the finished product (note: this is before the name tags for privacy reasons)…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Enjoy your wonderful weekend!!!


What are 10 things your grateful for? Does the craft look fun!? Would you try it?!

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. I loved your list!! I always say I could act if I wasn’t so shy. 😆 FUZZY BLANKETS!! 🥰 And wow, those turkeys are adorable!! All your wood crafts–you and my mom would get together really well. 😉

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