Photos annnd ANOTHER wood project!

Hello everyone! Happy Mason Jar Day (seriously, I looked it up)!ย I can’t really decide on what to post on…so today is just random photos I’ve taken over the holiday/week annnd yet another wood project my dad and I built for my grandfather!!

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚



I straightened my hair! Sadly it went away right after I took a shower…


And my favorite picture yet….

Isn’t my grandma beautiful?!ย 


And now for the wood project! So with the winter weather quickly approaching, my grandfather needed a windbreaker for his porch. He was going to use the old one, but it was in a very sad state! So as an early Thanksgiving/Christmas present my dad and I ran to the store and bought new supplies!


2-2-8 treated wood

1-4-8 treated wood

4 5inche corner braces

6mil 10ft X 25ft plastic sheeting

Treated 3in, 2-1/2in, 1-1/4in screws

3/4in Washers

Price:ย About $115


How we made it (hover over pictures to see details):


And that’s it for this blog post…except…..I “broke” my leg! It’s for the play I’m in….my sister made a cast for me and doesn’t it look awesome!?


Have an amazing day everyone!


Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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