I know, I know…

Yes, guys, I know I never post on Sundays but we just HAD to share about this giveaway going on! Now your wondering who’s we….well my little sister B and I are sharing about this giveaway not only because it is just AWESOME but we think Hannah from the striped plaid is one awesome gal! So head on over to her blog and check out the giveaway!!!


Fall & Frost (a beautiful combination)!

Hi guys! So you may have seen a post appear earlier but that was just one of my many drafts that I accidentally posted!

Anyways I can’t believe it’s Saturday already! Since I kinda forgot to write up a post this one is just going to be more random photos I’ve taken recently…let’s get started!!

A frosty Saturday morning!Aww, it’s so sad to see such a beautiful plant start to fadeAhhh I love this picture!Fall colors *gasp* I’m in love!A farmers field 😀

Beautiful flowers that have survived the cold so far!!

Annd don’t worry…my next post will hopefully be much better! I’m going to be trying to do a Tirzah and Winnie update soon!

What did you guys think of the photos? Which one was your favorite, why?!