Christmas tree, Shoes, annd Chocolate Milk!

Welcome back, guys! Today I’m super excited to share with you the awesome pictures I was able to take while on our Christmas tree search. The past few years we’ve been getting a blue spruce tree. As my mom put it we have many “discussions” trying to find the perfect tree and this year it took us under 20 minutes to find it!!!


It was such a fun day…we went to a small cafe for breakfast (chocolate milk is THE best)!


….and then to a thrift store (where I found a 15 dollar wedding dress…I didn’t buy it),


after that, we went to a shoe store and we all found the comfiest sneakers!


After that, we went Christmas tree shopping found an amazing tree and came home. We then set up our tree and decorated it while playing Christmas music.

My little sister and I made a gingerbread house which was super fun but incredibly messy! Whoever designed those icing bags now has me to haunt their dreams (the icing bag kept opening)! 


Along with all the Christmas festivities, we (my dad and me) have been busy hunting 🙂 I got a 6 point and my dad got a doe. He’s hoping to get his buck soon. Today was the last day for me so I didn’t get my doe, though I did miss one a few days ago.


Well…so as not to end on that odd note, head on over to Ezra’s Everything Spot and check out his awesome blog! 


Have a great week, ya’ll!

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