Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!


 These past weeks have been a blur! I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas! It feels like just yesterday it was Summer out 🙂 I’m just going to do a quick recap of what I have been doing these past weeks! And then I’ll get on with a more Christmasy post! 


We had caroling last week and because it was dark out I don’t have any photos but I wanted to share this hilarious Studio C video I think you’ll enjoy that depicts carolers!


The next exciting thing was that I got my ears pierced! It didn’t really hurt though I did feel like passing out. 



Next up is a Christmas concert my sisters and I had! That went really well and afterward while L and dad went to get the car my little sis and I decided to snap a few silly selfies (blurring for privacy reasons)! 


We had a Christmas party at our house and had about 30 guests which was awesome! Annd again I don’t have any photos…but here’s a photo that I think depicts the rush for everyone to get snacks very well!

crazy christmas


So a few days ago we decided to give Winnie one of her presents early and if you know her at all she LOVES tennis balls!! Sooo we got her a giant one! You should have seen her eyes when I gave it to her! 



Another exciting thing was the beautiful Christmas eve service tonight! I sang Mary, did you know…which I’ll be sharing with you guys soon. Here’s the fun selfie we took right before the service!



I’m linking my Christmas post HERE from last year (2018) that I did so you guys can read the Christmas story! I’ll be doing a post next week of gifts and what we do tomorrow!


See you guys soon! Merrrry Christmas, everyone!


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