12 Christmas Blessings

Hey guys! Annie over at Annie Writes tagged me for 12 Christmas Blessings! And because it goes the whole way through January, I’m doing it today!

Let’s get started!!


twelve christmas blessings


I’m tagging: 

Laura @ https://beautifulthingsbylaura.com

Julia @ https://litaflame.blog

Ryana @ https://www.lifeofheritage.com

Kassie @ https://soldiergirlstories.com




Blessing #1: The Christmas season started with the play…basically back in November because we had to practice and it ended December 7th, which was awesome and sad at the same time!







Blessing #2: Riding lessons started up next! It was the first time I’ve ever had to post and do all that “stuff” while riding! It was super painful and not really that fun…it’s getting better now that I kinda know what I’m doing! Note: the horse is shaved so he doesn’t overheat (he’s about 22 years old).







Blessing #3: Caroling! Our church carols every year around neighborhoods…it was super fun and really cold! Not many people wanted to stay around to sing for long so it was kinda sad when we only sang one verse to a song. Either way, it was super fun!! I love caroling every year!







Blessing #4: My brother coming home was the next Christmas blessing! We had so much fun and played Ticket to Rids, Monopoly Deal, and many other fun games! He was able to be home for two Birthdays in the family which was also really cool! 









Blessing #5: A Christmas Choir recital was next! That was super fun and really beautiful! We had so much fun and a bunch of people came to watch it and listen!














Blessing #6: Next up was our “early Christmas present”, when my little sister and I got our ears peirced! Which was kinda painful in a not so painful way!









Blessing #7: Christmas party! We had an amazing party at our house which was super fun and cool! It was such a blessing to have everyone together!









Blessing #8: Christmas Eve services! I LOVE Christmas Eve…not so much when Church falls on that night just because it’s awesome to stay home and hang out with family…but either way, we went to two Christmas Eve services and both went awesome!








Blessing #9:  Another fun aspect of Christmas is when the family gets together! We went over to our grandparents on Christmas Eve for a quick time of opening presents together! It was great 🙂







Blessing #10: Christmas day….SO fun!! Both sets of grandparents came over and we opened presents…and had an AMAZING meal together! 











Blessing #11: I know it’s after Christmas but as a tradition every year we went to this amazing woman’s house named Mrs. H! She has us over every year and we go to this light park which is super cool! We had an amazing time and got to wear really fun party hats!




Remy ❤

Blessing #12: My last blessing isn’t just for Christmas…I really appreciate the job I have and my amazing employers. Without the job, I wouldn’t be able to afford Winnie’s care and gifts for my family. So that’s my last blessing….thanks J & B (and Remy)!








Have a great weekend, everyone!




11 thoughts on “12 Christmas Blessings

  1. Aww, this was so sweet!! Horseback riding is so much fun.
    Do I already have all my posts lined up for January? Yes. Am I gonna do this as an extra post anyway? Also yes. 😉 Thanks for tagging me!!

    Liked by 1 person

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