Photography Contest @ Photos by Abby Rose

Hello everyone! Yes, I’m still here 🙂 I’ve appeared to run out of blogging steam…but I’m back with a great and easy contest for you all!

Photos by Abby Rose is hosting a small Photography contest for anyone and everyone! *You can enter up to 3-6 photos which can be photos that you took years ago or ones that are more recent. I’ll be judging skills and creativity with your photos…though remember any photos that are inappropriate or stolen work will be disqualified.


The winner will receive……..



So email in your photos to before January 31, 2020! The winner will be announced in the first week of February!

Can’t wait to see your guys work!



*I will only judge this contest if 3 or more people enter, as I want to give everyone a fair chance 🙂

23 thoughts on “Photography Contest @ Photos by Abby Rose

  1. Wow! This sounds so cool! That mug is looking awesome as I’m drinking coffee right now XD. I would totally do it, but I don’t have a camera, or even a phone so…. Good luck to everyone else though! 😀

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